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fall is everywhere!

 i try to get the kids out at least once a day, esp in the mornings. i like to get the wiggles out.  yesterday was really nice, for fall that is. and after the chore of finding boots, hats, jackets, mitts and scarves we set out for a brisk walk.  i love how quiet the community is in the morning, i am the only sahm in the area. so the place is ours
 the bush was too dense, so i stayed back with jo and the older two set off to find things
 they played in a mini lake. found some rocks to throw and laughed together
 they kept coming back to show me the stuff they discovered. like ice, then we threw it on the ground and jumped on it
 ellie is like jo, she likes to touch everything. her mitts were off because she wanted to touch all the flowers, trees, bush and bark
 she was forever crunched down studying something that caught her interest.  then she would pick it up
 with her teeny, cold hands
 and show me the delight she found. so fun to watch
 jo jo literally just sat and watched. she never said a word just smiled and watched
 nate wanted to push jo
 and ellie wanted to hold my hand. these are the moments, i am so grateful to god
such a fun morning out and long naps followed!!!!