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silly moments!

 my little jo jo doll. such a stinker she is.  i love how each of my kids are so different and each one brings such delight to our family.  jo jo is a happy little thing from the moment we wake her up, she has a giggle and a glint of mischief in her eyes.  i sent the kids out to play the other day and had some alone time with jo.  i love my little girl!
 she is such a stinker
 this morning, i picked out ellie;s new to her outfit and asked if i could take a pic for Charlie to see her old outfit.  this is what i got

so serious!
 then nate came on the scene
 and jo jo. she is always on the go and standing still for a pic was not on her list of things to do!
 ha. love ellies face
 so proud to wear her new coat!