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 i  love that he's outside on his bike, while the kids are in school. ha.  i had nate burn his energy off the other morning with a bike ride before school

thurs, jo woke up early from her nap, and i was wanting a change of scenery, so i told nate school was out and off e went to the library

jo played with trains
 ellie spent her time reading books on my lap, playing with her babies and this little bead toy!
 nate found the librarian right away and asked for the big nate books. he got a stack of mag's and read his books. 
 jo is redic, super and utterly the most busiest baby i've had!  she. is. always. on the go!  i call her jo jo on the go go! she's climbing into beds, chairs, couches and stairs, opening cupboards and has the ability to destroy a room in 30 seconds!. she's standing on her feet now, no steps yet! but man, is she ever busy
 the whole world needs to be explored!
 so, this little girl is in ellie's class and they normally play quite well together. except the other day. ellie found this doll and claimed her as her own. she would not let anyone else touch it, it was her baby. it was cute to watch
 putting the baby to bed for the 1,000th time
 nap time!
 the other night chris was working and nate wanted to sleep in my bed until chris got home.  he left this note for chris
 the back. hahaha.  chris just carried him to bed, he didn't poke him with the pin provide. haha
 ellie LOVES to help, so i had her make french toast the other day
 she loved it. and is growing just too fast!