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 fri morning, i was able to catch miss johana showing off her new trick, on camera!  she climbed the stairs for the first time, alone!
 up she goes
 ellie sat at the top and yelled "jo jo! you can do it! come jo jo!"
then when she got to the top ellie yelled "jo jo you DID IT"
nate stayed behind to make sure johana didnt fall
i stopped taking pics at this point and took a video for chris too see
 ellie making a tree at her class
 playing. for the record. ellie chooses to wear 1 pink and 1 purple shoe. i dont mind, i think it makes her unique. so when you see her in mixed clothing/shoes...its bec she wants it that way!
 jo jo eating a cucumber and not wanting to share it. haha


Ursi said...

Thanks for the update! Ive been waiting ;p)The kids are growing up so fast!! The girls are just about at the age my girls were when we came and visited you Thanksgiving weekend some 5 years ago. Crazy, eh??

Jonathan said...

that's awesome, although now she can climb stairs you have to watch every where's now :P hope you all have a great weekend!