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 as i was making soup for supper, ellie made her own soup. she played for a good 30 mins at the sink. i told her to clean it up when she was done.  when she finished, she came and got me and said"all done, i cleaned up"

and she did!
 we are studying birds for science, one of the experiments we decided to do was pick 4 different types of bird food and put it outside on different locations. on a fence, on the ground etc...and see which kind the birds like

i had nate line up his prediction/hypothesis for the birds fav food. as soon as the rain stops we will go out and check!
 on the ground, under the tree. i am thinking this one will not be a winner. haha
 on the mini fence, the yummy fruit mix
nate went out mon and tues to record his findings but its rained the last 2 days so im hoping he can get back out there this wkend to check on the feed