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thanks giving

 i invited myself to my sister's place for thanksgiving, her hot tub is ready and i brought wine. plus, i loathe cooking.  we arrived fri night and left sunday after supper.  on the way home chris and i remembered why we leave sun morning, instead of later in the day.....later in the day=cranky kids!  ha

the kids put on a show for us fri night, it was wonderful!
quinn met me sat am with this plate and the coffee was brewing!
 we hit up charlies hockey practice. she is so much better since the last time i saw her!  ellie was so thrilled to see charlie play hockey!
 then we took the kids to the valley.  ellie crashed on the way
 sleeping beauty.  chris stayed home with jo jo
 we signed the kids up for a marathon.  they did so AWESOME!  i was impressed with all of them
 i love how ellie is trying to copy the boys
 quinn, charlie, ellie and nate
 show casing their ninja moves
 the race!  quinn is up ahead, nate is behind him
 the starting line
 the girls running to the other side of the track to watch the boys run
 ellie trying to copy charlie
 the boys running
nate!  i am so impressed with them.  i was freaking out at first cause i was like poor nate, the home school kid....but he did really well, both boys finished ahead of the pack.  i missed charlie's race cause i was parking the car but she did really well too.  i didnt enter ellie cause i'd have to run with her and well, i dont run...or do anything that requires sweat. hahaha

ill update more of the blog when i get a chance....


Crystal said...

So proud of all of them!

mel said...

i got a coffee today at the mall and there was a hockey player on it and ellie said "look mommy! hockey! charlie plays hockey!" ha love it