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happy 39th chris!

 39 years ago, in a tiny village close to the german border  a little boy was born

today i celebrate my besties birthday! 

i want to share a bit of the man i married, the side that not many see.  those who know chris know of his strength, his amazing organization, love of structure, planning, creating and his strength to follow through and well, take no crap from no one. ha

but i know that other side, the side no one sees.  chris is a huge softy at heart. he loves me and his kids more than anything and we are out above everything else in his life/his to do list.  chris seems tough and mean/firm/stubborn and opinionated, ha and he is! but he is also the kindest most caring, thoughtful man i know (next to my dad!) 

yesterday, after battling this redic sinus problem i left the DISASTER of a house and i mean, filthy pig-pen stated to go teach the kids.  i came home to a SPOTLESS house.  while i was gone chris vacuumed, moped, dusted, wiped, cleaned and make the house look awesome.  you have NO idea how wonderful it was to walk in to a clean home, exp feeling so icky!  then, late last night after another night of not sleeping, i woke him up trying to breath, blowing my nose he put his arms around me and shared with me how hard it is for him to see me like this, to fight to breath no sleep and to keep on going.  he then told me that he sent an email off to his boss taking them morning off so i could sleep. he also told me he was going to take the kids out of the house so the house will be quiet and for me to phone him when i was ready for him to come back.  seriously!  so thoughtful and loving

that above is just 1 of thousands of examples of this guy i love. he is so good to me. 

so today, on HIS birthday, i want to express my adoration of my guy.  i love you chris so very much, i am thankful for you. thank you for loving me, for sharing your life with me and walking through this journey with me.  you are the only guy for me and i love you.  thank you for staying with me, laughing with me, growing old with me and loving me

happy birthday chris. i love you!

26 weeks!

 my dolly and i. she is always wearing her "pretty" necklaces. so cute!
bare belly. 26 wks this am
 covered belly
 silly kids playing
they are so kind to each other!

26 weeks, 12 or so more to go! 0 comments

start of the play house

 but first a pic of ellie. ha. cause she is such fun to have around!

yesterday chris began working on the play house for the kids. instead of taking a vacation, we chose to put the money into a play house.  our back yard is open so a lot of kids congregate here. which i dont mind at all. 
 ellie woke up to join the kids, there was about 8 kids on the trampoline for most of the afternoon.  ellie jumped for a good 2 hrs. and slept in this morning till a respectful 8:30. ha!
 chris digging the holes and measuring
 ellie checked his work
 nate helped chris too
 just like his dad. very focused
 my pine trees are growing!!! another 10 yrs and we will have lots of trees! wheeee
 the play house will face the back of chris's shop
 and on the other side will be the zip line. yes, a zip line, cause we can dream it, we can do it. right mr. disney!
we were shocked the DUCKS found themselves in our back yard last night!  DUCKS!!!!  very exciting. hahaha

its raining today so the work on the house will have to wait until the wkend, or the wkend after that....ill keep you posted on the progress! 0 comments


 i was trying to teach nate his math lesson (estimation and rounding to the ones, tens and 100's) and for the likes of me and him he wasn't grasping the i asked chris to give it ago.  i dont rush through lessons, i work at nate's pace. so i wasn't wanting to move nate along until i know that he knows this concept

chris took a PENCIL! wrote numbers on it and in  MINUTES nate got it, seriously!!!!  i was so glad that i had chris try and not upset that he was able to explain it to nate.  i spend the next day adding on to the concept and voila nate finished the chapter today.  tag team educators we are

 ellie sat in on the lesson for .25 seconds

i had my prenatal appointy on wed, i haven't been feeling the best for awhile now, sinus issues.  its gotten progressively worse, to the point that i was sleeping ab hour at a time during the night. after 5 nights i was wiped.  i spoke to the dr and got on an antibiotic and some other over the counter drugs, i loathe taking drugs ESP while pregnant but mercy me i cant go on like this anymore!  i find its taking a tole on my physical body and emotions as well.  just trying to keep my head up and not lose it with the kids is hard, esp when your sleep deprived, cant breath and feel like a pile of poo!

anyways!!!  appointment went well.  i am at my max weight gain, hahaha and got the lecture that they are monitoring my weight hahahahaha for loving sakes i am not big!  get off my back....but i guess 25 pounds at 25 wks is a lot...oops.  oh well!  my blood pressure is up a bit and my gyno wants to see me in 2 wks to monitor me. so instead of monthly appoints im at bi monthly. which sucks.  i am also having the diabetes and the rh blood shot at the net appoint so i will be there for 3 HOURS AGHHHH  i dont like hospitals! haha  the baby is doing GREAT, im measuring at 25 wks, she is super strong kicker and loves to kick me at night. its ok, im awake most nights anyways. hahaha

and with that i am off to start another busy wkend.  sigh, wish me strength to make it to monday!

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 we got SNOW yesterday.  for loving lout loud SNOW at the end of APRIL!  i was so sad
 we put the gazebo up last wkend in hopes of spring. not so much
 this morning. i am going back to bed now! snow!  redic!

after lunch today ellie came running in yelling "PAPA HAT!" she found dad's hat and sported it around the house
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 ellie LOVES being outside, even when it's raining, its more enjoyable that way, no?!
 playing in the rain
 she was all by herself wed for 20 mins, watching the older kids, she just stood there and watched. until her buddies came and she went off to play with them
my little dolly! 0 comments

call the midwife!!!

a few weeks back, late on sun night i found myself watching this show that i never heard off, it was cbc so i wasn't expecting much from it....after watching for about 15 mins i taped the show and went to bed

i finished watching the show the next day and i am quite smitten with it!  it is awesome! i dont think there has been an eppy that i haven't cried!  its clean and wholesome, dated in london after the war, the show is in it's 3rd season and i haven't watched the other 2, or even the first 5 eppys of this season but i am totally hooked on it! 

so if you are looking for a good quality show, that's wholesome and kid friendly (there is labor and delivery scenes)  try this show out! it's awesome!!


saying good bye

 i am proud and pleased to say/boast of how AWESOME the kids played together this weekend.  there was not 1 fight, not 1 argument, nothing!  charlies was included with the boys and when she couldn't keep up, she played with ellie.  the pics alone speak of how much the kids do love each other
 we didnt ask them to hug good bye, when it was time to leave they naturally did so.  nate cried once he got in the van
 all the grand kids + more on the way
 then we spanked nate good bye
 each person got a turn abusing his bum hahaha
 ellie sang, played with her doll and was just happy to be with us.....even thou she was tired, hungry and wanted out of her seat. such a happy girl!
and we are back home and settling into life again....i choose  not to look at the mess in the house....sigh.....

happy tuesday everyone! 0 comments

egg hunt!

we did a very SIMPLE egg hung with the kids in the house due to the rain. each kid was given a color of egg that they were to pick up.  making it fair and even. each kid got 15 mini choc eggs (that i ate for them) and that was it!  they never noticed how scaled back we went!
ellie joined in too!
working together!
i found 2 and a praying mary. har har
ellie running off with her loot
daddy helped her open her egg....then we finished the rest for her. hahaha

great memories! 0 comments


 we took the kids down to hali for easter celebrations. nate read some more. i love that he loves to read!

then we let the kids lose in the playroom!
 running back and forth, back and forth

there is noting funnier than sitting on the couch watching/listening to the nanny cam. hahaha
 then quinn dressed up as a monkey for me....
 and the boys out on a show
 while the big boys made plan for the shop/garage they are building
 easter sunday morning, nate and ellie having a moment together, watching wild kratts and eating oranges. what a great way to start the day!


fri night

 after i put ellie to bed, i came down to find this. my boy reading a book and eating an apple. awwww
 then later, when it was nate's bed time i saw this. i could not break up a father son moment....


work day!

 fri, we spent most of the day working around the house and getting the yard ready for spring. if it ever arrives....haha

the boys were so tired!

chris made a lawn roller, yes, made one out of an old furnace. he did a great job and it works!
 chris nate took it on it's first maiden voyage
 when ellie came asking for a ride too!
 she loves being outside!
 she loved being on the lawn mower
 but the best fun she had was throwing rocks down the drain. hahaha
it was a great day! 0 comments