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nate's mousy voice

after trying to get nate to talk long enough to get his voice recorded, he finally did on sunday. his voice is low but you can get the point, the chatter is about nothing and all that is ubber important to a 4 yr old

i esp love the end when he looks at me and says i love you, just as the camera shuts off! anyways, enjoy the 2 mins for my mouse! 0 comments
a sower went out to sow
as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside; and the birds came and devoured them
some fell on stony places, where they did not have much earth; and they immediately sprang up because they had no depth of earth. but when the sun was up they were scorched, and because they had no root they withered away
some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up and choked them
but others fell on good ground and yielded a crop:
some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. he who has ears to hear, let him hear!

Blow my mind. Totally old school Sunday school story, which I know by heart but for some freakish reason this am, while driving to pick chris up for our coffee break, I realized that the soil actually means your heart. I did not know this…so I came home, dropped nate into bed for a nap and dove into the word to discover how I missed this nugget! What I did learn has little to nothing to do with the soil=heart issue. Instead it showed me a huge battle that’s been brewing in my mind/heart for a time now and because I have no shame I thought I would share it! with chris mocking me for not knowing soil=heart!

Break it down, definitions!

Sower- to scatter seed with the purpose of growth
1- wayside- the side of the way. Land which is beside the path, road, highway
2- stony- to resemble a stone to be hard, unfeeling, merciless, motionless, ridged, no expression
3- thorns- spiny, prickly, something that wounds, annoys, causes discomfort
4- yield- produce, give forth, to give up power/authority, to surrender to give up or over

this is what I got/learned

1- sower went to do his job (preacher, teacher, friend, spouse, child even, boss, spiritual wisdom, council, correction etc…)

2- some of his words fell on the way side. Not on the road. I find myself in a situation, a place where I am not on gods road, I am on the way side….guess what? I get picked off and taken out by life

3- some fell on stony places…some how I find myself stone like as of late, words fall on me and I am hard! no mercy! expressionless! motionless! Ridged! Pain is all around me and I don’t care cause I am stone like. What happened to cause this?

-there is not enough soil (word of god) to keep me strong when the heat comes up (fights, disagreements, hurt feelings, anger, frustration…life!) I am killed, rootless, scorched and I wither away…taken out by life’s stuff

4- some fell among thorns- something that wounds, annoys and causes discomfort! Oya! How come this happens a lot? Esp at church? Someone offends you, upsets you, gets picked, chosen over you…you are left wounded…then the wounds spring up and takes you out

5-some fell on good ground and yielded a crop…you find yourself wronged, talked about, misunderstood, frustrated and annoyed. some how is it possible to yield and produce under these harsh conditions? Yes! If your soil is good and your heart is like david, you have surrender, given up your power and authority, left it with god, let him deal with it, accept, deal with the hurt and allow god to step in, take over and close your mouth. he then can cause your good soil to bring forth good things

Resulting in great results…100 fold, 60 some 30

So is your soil good? Mine’s not and I am working on it. Somehow over the last yr, months, weeks I have allowed hurt, frustration, annoyances to creep and crawl in and instead of getting and staying on god’s road I’ve been on the wayside…and I find myself being picked at like the birds in the sky…I hear things that are not true but some how I believe them (things like I have little, next to no value, talents, anything to give…let alone give them, insecurity, fear)
Which caused me to be come stone like (why should I help them? They don’t want my help, they don’t think I can do anything…I am not valuable let alone wanted) so when there is a problem, I don’t want to help, stony, thorn like

So when the hurts come, things are said, I am talked about etc…I find myself cowering in fear and wrapped up in my failures…which are not hidden. And I find myself slowly withering away…nothing let to give let alone give anything

Then a situation happens and I find myself annoyed, or upset, discomforted and I don’t even know why! I just know I feel prickly and icky. Can’t out my finger on it, I start to look around and see where I can lay the blame on that one. Then I realize that it’s ME! My soil is dirty and icky. Not them! her! him! or that and this! But me. My soil

So I suck dirt, as i love to call it....ha! Tell god that somehow I find myself on the wayside, not on the road, not on the path he wants for me everything seems off and wrong. I surrender and give up power, control and my life back to him or try to so he can put me back on the road and when I do I am know that I am going to start to flourish again, to produce again

So today. I start all over. Again



i found him all curled up in chris's office

reading to himself

silly kid!

so nate's (me too) have been battling this cold for a few days now. nate has it much worse than me, he's got the fever, the sniffles, the sore throat, the little appetite, the cough and the mouse voice...i had to keep him home today. the first time in 4.5 yrs! that we missed church due to illness! i could not take him hacking up his lungs with potently passing it on to the others in his class

chris and i often talk about how quiet the house is with his lack of voice, it's cute thou, he sounds like a wittle mouse

hoping he's better tomorow!


week 14

so how i feel

14 weeks. comparing the belly shot above to nate's pregnancy, i am about as big as i was with him at.....19 weeks!
oya. i am gonna be huge (this is big for me!)

i feel good. i weighed myself and i am up another 3 pounds (in a week!) so yeah. i've been eating....and eating....and eating.....everything just takes so good! ha!

everything is good. i feel better, getting ready to feel the movement soon! other than that, it's been another week!

*i told chris NOT to take a pic of my face....and he did....sigh....and that would be the reason why i am making a face! 0 comments

chris wanted me to watch the above video, which flows with the wed night study. it's 10 mins long but for those who are taking the driven by eternity course will fully get what he's talking's worth the 10 min to watch! 0 comments

rocket ship

after lunch nate asked me if i would "help him make the biggest, most gigantic, huge rocket ship in all the universe that i never seen before" how could i possibly say no to that!?!
what a hoot we had, i built the base and he added the rest. we ended up making 4 of them
it was seriously nice to play with my boy and enjoy it. i think i had more fun than him! thanks uncle lego for the lego! 0 comments

blues blues blues

what is it? the weather? the cold? the jan blues? does it not seem that everyone is cranky, tired, annoyed and just all around blue? man oh man. chris and i have had a doozie of a couple nights, not sleeping. then we get up feeling worse than the day before. it's just the oddest thing!

i am going out with the girls tonight. thank goodness. i need me a break and some time to laugh!

spirit meat for those tired bones of mine....the sun will come back, my feet will sport flip flops again....soon....

Have you never heard?
Have you never understood?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
the Creator of all the earth.
He never grows weak or weary.
No one can measure the depths of his understanding.
He gives power to the weak
and strength to the powerless.
Even youths will become weak and tired,
and young men will fall in exhaustion.
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.

just give me the energy to soar today, tomorrow and the next

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 0 comments


hey! who you looking at? super hero nate!

showing his moves

scary bat boy

so i asked nate a series of questions this am. so funny. enjoy!

- what is something mommy always says to you?
-”hummm obey!”

-what makes you happy?
-having jube jubes and candy

-what makes you sad?
-when I don’t get rewards for not obeying

-what makes you laugh?
-silly faces and silly things

how old are you?

how old is Mommy?
I don’t know that

how old is Daddy?
don’t know that

what is your favorite thing to do?
go to mcdonalds and having fries and not having healthy things

-who is your best friend?
-quinn but he is in Halifax, Weston he’s here in moncton

-what do you want to be when you grow up?

-what are you really good at?
-cat and that hat video games

-what are you not very good at?
-big people games

-what did you do today?
-ate eggs, cereal for a treat

-what is your favorite food?
-stuff that’s not good for me

-what is your favorite song?
-itsy bitsy spider

-what do you want for (holiday or birthday) this year?
-new, big, big, big scissors!

-what is your favorite animal?

-what is love?
-you just love people

-what does mommy/daddy do for work?
-mommy- no!

-daddy- works on a computer

-where do you live?

-where is your favorite place to go?
-nana and papa’s place. Can we go?

pregnancy stuff

last night. i've out grown my reg clothing!
man i need new glasses!

this am. 13 weeks

yes, those would be my cute slippers, i hate having cold feet on the floor

perky non skin showing belly pic!

well. i stepped on the scale. all i can say is that i haven't seen that number in a LONG told chris what i weight, he laughed! it's a lot of weight gain! maybe too many chips? ha. seriously, i choose to embrace the whole journey. the weight will come off. but i do want to gain slow and steady and stay healthy

my diet is good. i eat balanced and lots of meat. esp chicken! my new fav foods and why in all heaven and good great things does food just taste so much yummier when you are pregnant???? anyways this week i adore

-chicken with mustard!

-chicken with mayo!

-chicken with honey mustard!

-meat ball with loads of ketchup!

-cheesies! and party mix. yummio!

-veggies, steamed with chicken and sweat and sour sauce! de-vi-ne!

-nuts-peanuts, walnuts, almonds and cranberry's!

-golden delish apples, at least 2 a day for sure!

-banana and peanut butter, SO good

hungry yet???? mmmmmmmmmmm food is so delightful! ha!

and i had my first charlie horse. it was painful but thanks to loads of practice from nate, chris has it down to a science, i yell, he jumps up, straightens my leg and voila gone! but i do have cramps for a few days after

nate funny. i asked him the other day what he wants to name the baby, he said "fish" then he said no! i really mean blue fish! so blue fish is on the list. i think nate is more excited about the baby than me!

and that's my prego update for this week!

wards 1934

my mom sent me this forward, which i thought was cool cause normally (sorry mom) i don't read forwards...but this one caught my eye and i peeked at it
first off thou, i have never heard of wards? maybe they went out of biz cause of their high prices. haha

seriously, i adore these outfits! why can't they come back in? the cute skirt and the hat? i am on and all over that one and all for 5 bucks? steal!

adorableness that is only catalogue worthy....cause we all know that kids keep their clothing looking like this

shoes! i actually like some of them (not the bottom left fringe one)

ursi! this is for you! you can get 25 chicks for 2 buckos! you could totally buy a bunch and support your family on them. !

finally the order form. what cracked me up is the bottom line...if you are married and ordered more than 100 the husband and wife must sign?! what?! good thing times have changed. what happened at the mall stays at the mall.................

happy shopping saturday everyone!

may the joy of the lord give you shop that is..........ha!

deep friday thoughts

yesterday during my meeting with the nurse at my prenatal (that's right! i said prenatal, cause i am having a baby...ha!) the nurse said to me after going through my history and the loss of ben, she said "i am sorry for all the pain and loss you have gone through, but i know good has come from it"

i agreed

then i thought, hum, that's just an odd thing to say. good comes from horribleness and i agreed

it's true!

when i think over those months after our loss, the pain, sorrow and despair i felt was unlike anything i have ever experienced, i could not rid myself of it. the guilt was tormenting. it was destroying me

how could good come from this???

now my bitter experience turns into peace. you have saved me and kept me from the rotting 38:17

i read this today and was silenced by it. my bitterness (lets face it was dealing with that!) some how turned in peace over the last yr BEFORE we got pregnant

he kept me from the rotting pit. everyone has one, mine was grief, anger, bitterness, resentfulness, sorrow and more guilt. at some time and point in every one's life you fill find yourself in a pit, call it what you want. i lived in mine for a good yr before i was able to start climbing out of it

then, once i started to climb out i was able to feel peace. before.... i can honestly say that i dealt with a lot of garbage while getting out of the hole that i lived in and honestly, i had the right to live in a pit! a horrible thing happened to me!

but i did not want it to define me. i don;t want to be known as the girl with fertility issues, loss babies etc...

i didn't just want to feel better, i wanted to be better. i was not after feelings but knowing...that i was out of my pit for the rest of my life

i was able to thank god and to be happy with out having what i wanted

so what does this mean? esp after my appointment yesterday and facing more fear(s) i've decided that baby or no baby will not determine how i will live this life

my relationship with god must be more important than anything that i want or desire...kwim? ( know what i mean?)

so this long and rambly blog is not really for you to read but for me to type and formulate in words that no matter what happens over the next few months, years it will not determine or change my relationship with god

living this life, in the world should only make me stronger in him, cause really, i can do nothing with out him

i know this more than anything, esp with the hormones! feeling cranky, irritable, tired, hormonal, sad etc...i can't reach on it. but i can't do it alone, it's almost like a constant reminder of how much more i need god in my life. i find myself praying alot lately...."help me to keep my mouth shut!" or "i must keep this scenario in perspective" or "this will pass and i will feel better tomorrow" or "man! i just need a coffee and a shopping spree" ha!

Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future


another day another preschool (and prenatal!)

our church has a little preschool that switched from tues (my mom2mom morning) to thurs so we could now go! today was the first day for nate. he quiet enjoyed himself. when i asked him about his new preschool he said " the preschool at the nazarene we do a lot of reading and writing and printing and letters and science. the preschool at christs church we do a lot of gym, playing and working out" haw haw ha. too funny. nate did show his class at gym time how to do the mountain climber and push ups, thanks to his working out with chris. ha (there was some kids missing from the pic) so now nate goes to 2 preschool, yes, we are busy!

my first prenatal. ok. i am blessed with "luck" at the dumont! i waited all about 5 mins before i was assessed by the nurse (who remember me and nate from his pregnancy! and ben's!) she did a full history and wrote a book

then we listened to the heart beat. nate was very impressed by this. he thought it was cool enough to put his leapster down. ha. i forgot to record it, i was too busy listening and crying. heart beat was 156

i was weighted but i am not saying what i was because i simply don't care what i weight! goal weight gain is 25-30 pounds. i've put on 5 already

then i was off to see dr. robichaud. he did another pull inspection on me, full on board if yous know what i mean. then he determined that i am indeed high rick and he will be seeing me for the entire pregnancy. meaning, i won't be booked with other dr's, just him, and he will deliver the baby

i have opted out of ALL testing and ultrasounds 9other than the 18 week one). i am booked for my 18 week, to do another date determination. dr. robichaud will prob change my due date based on that. instead of being 13 weeks today, i may be determined 14....really? who cares! i'm having a baby, that is all i care about! wheeeeeeeeeeee

i have another appoint in 3 weeks. normally you go in 4-5 weeks until the 30th week. but dr. rob wants to keep a good eye on me. so i have more frequent appointys

i was however told that i had to have some tests done today so i did em...he wanted to check a few things...not sure what and i didn't ask bec i do not want any stress!

all in all it was a GREAT appointy. and get this veronique! i was in and out in 1.5 hours (i had 3 separate appointments, blood work and extra tests included which took me all over the hospital) ha! i tell ya! i have great luck for appointments there!

oh, nate watch my blood being taken and he said "that is disgusting!"



new car

first another shot of the nater and his leapster. good money well spent dad!

so. chris works out, regularly. shocking isn't it? after dad had his heart attack, chris started talking about doing something along the lines of exercise. after doing mucho reading and reviews on everything out there we settled on the exbox personal trainer. chris has faithfully used it for over a month now. this is a record. this is huge! the funnest thing is the role reversal. i am on the couch watching! haa!

las night i came down to chris and his work out buddy

work it dudes!


ok. so just before christmas we put the car up for sale. it was an old beater that out neighbours very pleased to see we parked it in the garage. ha. the car worked great, just old and required a lot of maintenance. time that chris and i felt would be better spent doing other things. so we listed the car, got a lot of calls and ppl seing it but nothing came from it. so we let it go

then last wed night, chris came home and told me that he felt that god was urging him to re post the car stat. so we did. we got a call 20 mins later, the guy came by thurs evening to see it and returned back an hour later with cash, the car was sold...less than 24 hrs

so we were out of a car

and off we went to the auction to see what was around. after lusting after this sweet king cab, 1/2 tonne beauty....we could have bought it but really, it was at the high end of our budget. we don't want car debt, so what ever cars we buy are paid in cash, or paid for over a month or two. we just both think that cars are not a good investment of money cause they lose value stat. so

we did not get the truck and instead bought a pt cruiser....?!?! the LAST car i thought i would ever want. but i like it, it's cute, it's got storage....enough for 2 car seats, a stroller and groceries...and we paid cash for it

here she is

my new cutie car. chris will no longer want to drive this car...seeing the name i put on it. ha!

one day we will get that truck!

seriously funny

love it

love the p.j's. so true. it's a huge selling point in this whole home schooling thing....right shannon....bawahhhhh 1 comments

this and that

nate with is fav toy. he takes it almost everywhere, when i visit with chris he goes in the back of the van to play...and eat...

while driving home i could hear him "reading" i stopped at a light, turned around and saw him reading his bible. so cute

in order to burn off the multitude of excess energy that nate has and the secret plan on letting him get it out somewhere other than my home....ha....i've taken him back to the y. shannon and her boys join us, we chat, the kids play. it's perfect

the boys hook up a trolley thingy of some sort on the back of the bike and weston takes the boys for a ride. so funny

off they go!

we did get some snow last week...most of it;s gone now and in place is the cold. this am i woke up and thought i was back in sasky....-28 brrrrrrrrrr very cold

keep warms ya'alls!

12 weeks!

i turn over on thurs, but out of habit i take belly shots on sunday. its easier cause chris is around to do it. so there ya go
i actually look preggers with this one! i have a belly at 12 weeks. this is a record....

nate wanted in the pic, silly boy!

it's not often that he wants to hug me and to get it on camera is a miracle! haha!

now that we are public with the pregnancy, i can write about it. ha. i decided to go public this weekend for 1 reason....well 2....i look pregnant but mostly, i did it as a huge step of faith. i go to my first prenatal appointy this week and i wanted to wait until after the check up before i tell ppl but then i realised that fear was really the motive behind that so i stepped out and up and decided to share the news before i hear the heart beat again

sure i get scared but fear won't control me!

with this pregnancy i am doing a few things different. i am resting and sleeping as much as i can, when i can. i am not weighting myself a lot. i have a rule, i can only weight myself on sunday IF i remember and if i don;t i have to wait until the next sunday, so there's been a few weeks i didn't weight myself! this is TOTALLY freeing!!!!!!! wheeeeeeee!

eating-i eat what i want, when i want. meaning, if i am not hungry at lunch, i wait until i am hungry then i eat my lunch, sometimes it's at 11, or 3. when i get hungry i eat. then i eat what i crave. so far, i give in to everything! just in moderation. i eat fries and burgers just not ALL of it! ha. so far i love, love, love in no order!


banana's with peanut butter!

golden delish apples!

hamburger with lots of ketchup!

tomato soup!

crackers with peanut butter!

pizza! yummio!

exercise-i am doing nothing right now. nadda. zip, nothing i haven't been cleared by the dr yet so i am taking this break and running with it!

i have had a lot of ppl ask the following questions so i thought i would answer them here, cause i am an open book y'all!

nate, how is he with this baby thing? so far, he loves it! talks about the baby all the time! i really don;t think there will be issues with this, sure an adjustment time but no serious sibling rivalry

did we get help. no. we conceived just the 2 of us. ha

am i scared about losing the baby? no. but i do face feelings of fear and i deal with them

am i still going to home school? ya betcha! all the more reason to do it!

is chris taking time off? yes, we are 1 income so chris does get paternity leave. 9 months. he's one happy boy

and there ya go! this weeks baby update!

full of life

full of life/n/`1: life has never been better 2: a state of joy, pride and creativity. 3: a strong feeling of being keenly alive, more aware, more in tune with oneself 4: pregnancy and beauty at its best

6 wks
i will not die; instead i will live and tell what the lord has done. ps 118:17

7 wks

and god remembered me; and he listened/heard me and rendered me fruitful. gen 30:22 (ok, ok, he was talking about rachel but what ever. he remembered me too)

week 8!

the joy of the lord is my strength. neh 8:10

and a christmas day pic of my jammies that i wore to church ! hah!

week 11!

then young women will rejoice and dance. i will turn their mourning into joy. i will comfort them. i will give them joy in place of their sorrow. jer 31:13

we are 12 weeks! i am due july 24! i am thrilled, excited and incredibly happy!

the long deets (for the eig clan!)

in sept, chris and i had talked and decided that we did not want more than 5 yrs age gap, so we decided that this spring we would have a garage sale and sell all the baby things. we were both at peace with this

so off we went on vacay and somewhere in orlando/tampa/caribbean we got our selves knocked up. ha!

i came home and was so redic and utterly tired! the first sat i slept till 10:30! then got something to eat and went back to bed! that mon chris and i realized that i was late. so we decided to test on wed (which is a recid long time to wait then you have 3 pee sticks in your closet!) wed am came, i did the deed and gave the test to chris as i jumped back into bed. chris said "oh mel, i am sorry. it's neg. nothing is there" and off he went to work

about 5 mins later after i dealt with my sadness, i got up to take a shower, grabbing the test to toss in the trash. in the dark of the room i saw 2 lines. i freaked out, called chris on his cell, chris was just at the end of the street so he came back to the house to look. he saw it and smiled

we had hope

i decided to wait until sun to test again. again, a redic LONG time but for some reason i was cool with this

sun am, did my thing and saw the second line before i left the bathroom. i tossed it at chris and said "we're having a baby! can you believe this?????"

i sat on the bed. shocked

i then quickly got ready to go to church

a week later i called the dr and went into have it confirmed. it was nov 28. the 2 yr anni of the loss of out last son. i was torn that day, i sat in the office to confirm my pregnancy on the day we lost our son!

we had an ultrasound at 8 wk. the heartbeat was nice and strong 169, the baby is growing right on schedule. everything is perfect!

i have my next prenatal next week and can't wait to hear the heart beat!

our children will be 4 yrs, 11 months a part. god's timing was perfect!

i will be honest, i have been very scared and anxious over losing the baby. i went as far as to detach myself for a long time, not talking about it, not believing, holding on to the "what if's" then a good friend smacked me with some good stuff and in place of that fear i now have peace. i now dream and pray for our child. our baby. our miracle. our 3rd child. i have my moments but i have a great network of support

and i have the reality of the pregnancy to know this is real! ha! NOT complaining but i've been SO sick! ick! i feel pregnant and so far this pregnancy is very similar to the one i had with nate! so i know it's real! ha!

so there ya's go! a baby is on the way!

it's been 2 yrs and i this song is still the same. good or bad. god is faithful!


can i have this?

please? chris can you build this for meeeeeeeeeeeeee?

sigh one can dream can't she? 4 comments


Better are the wounds of a friend, than the deceitful kisses of an enemy

recent i've experienced the above. a true friend (they tell you what you need to hear not what you want) chris too. but i won't share his ouchy ouch boo boo. but i will share mine

a friend shared something with me, that made my back stiffen a bit, for a sec or two. until i realised that they were indeed right. they saw something that i couldn't. then they braved up butter cup and shared what they saw

it changed everything. after the words came, i reacted in fleshy mcfleshy. i stopped admitted to the big g that i was wrong and seconds later the screen left and i saw clear

i saw the truth. it freed me. i slept that night, free and dreamed. good dreams

i can't imagine the guts it took to correct me. how much they care for me to put our friendship on the line

that is a true friend

i am thankful for them
wanna share this amazing site that was sent to me yesterday! jess you will be all over this!

happy monday everyone! 0 comments


i am not a person make lists and actually follow them but over the holidays i've slacked a lot around the house, the house work added up leaving me a feeling of utter overwhelmingness, which leads to anxiousness and can easy spin out of control

i've started to make a daily list. and it's working! every morning i sit and write down all the things i want to do for the day. then i check them all off. i feel like i am doing something and i haven't gotten overwhelmed much!

i've also started a long term list, goals over the next 6 months


i've even sat down and seriously gotten into the home schooling stuff. reading books, making notes, finding curriculum. over the holidays our weekly actives are off which opened my days up a lot. so sunday (or mon if i was away) nights for the last 3 weeks, i've sat down and planned out mini lessons and what i want to do with nate for school. i want to get him in to a routine early. i feel like we are getting somewhere....slowly

AND! it's working! we spend 30 mins a day working on 3 main topics, then the last 5 coloring and talking. he is one stubborn little man so it's a lot harder than i thought to get him to stop arguing, talking and just listen to me. any h/s's have some help for me???

i am blown away by how organised i feel, how clean my house is somewhat staying and i am not freaking out over all the things i need to get done before spring

AND i've cooked REAL meals, baked REAL treats everyday
AND the laundry is caught up

so exciting! i do wonder what will happen when the acitvities start back up. ha

so, anyone else making lists? 3 comments

hali pics

on the way we dropped in j&j's. love their view, there house and property is divine. the perfect house in the country. love it. anyways nae got play doh and lego. i have to say i love, love, love these gifts. they are playable resulting in nate using his imagination and he spends hours playing creatively with it.

then we hit c&s's house. but i was unable to get a pic of n opening his gift from aunty...the boys (quinn!!!) had the package ripped open before i had my jacket off...and they spent house riding around on it waking everyone up. hahaha

charlie and quinn with their gifts from nate. the boys look happy

haha. it was a cardboard castle that they color. its 6' high. hahaha. love me now shawn????just think of all the skills quinn can develop, coloring, patience it's hours on endless fun! ha

and that was all the pic i took!

fresh and new

i woke this morning feeling fresh and new. a very odd feeling for me....esp in the morning...BEFORE my coffee. ha

i sat down at my computer to check emails and on goings, i looked out my window and saw the sun shinning brightly over the trees (i have a nice view from the loft of trees and not houses.haha)

i then thought, man i do enjoy new things. maybe that's why so many ppl like a new year. new starts, new goals and what not. i don't make goals, resolutions or even make plans (other than social things...bawahhhh) but today i pondered how much i do enjoy new

i love new fresh snow (for 1 minute than loath the cold)
i love new fresh starts
love new books and note books! adore the first crease
i have a total love affair with stationary, new markers, papers, pencils, pens...sigh
fresh bread! fresh baked goods!
fresh rain....the smell
fresh coffee ahhhhhhh

whats with the desire for new, fresh and all that?

He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end. ecc 3:11

he made every thing, all of it, beautiful in his time. not mine. what does this mean? he makes everything beautiful his way, order, harmony, beauty, fresh and new. his way. his plan, his time.

beautiful means :

having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind: a beautiful dress; a beautiful speech.

excellent of its kind: a beautiful putt on the seventh hole; The chef served us a beautiful roast of beef.

wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying.

i think god enjoys beauty in new, fresh things

i am off to a fresh start, after i enjoy my fresh coffee. ha! 1 comments

nate cleaning the ball mill

and i must add. nate was NOT in his work clothes. sigh another adorable outfit covered in icky shop dirt!

we spent new yr's in hali and for some reason i took little to none pics at all! but we were able to enjoy family, each other and play catch up from the past few weeks. nate and quinn played SO well. not one fight was had! wheeee!

i was a total partay gal. i was in bed at 9:30. maybe i will party next yr? haha. i much rather have sleep....sleep.....oh how i love you...sleeepppp.....zzzzzzzzzzz

anyho! happy new year! and i am sure i will have more exciting posts soon

happy new 2012 to you all! 1 comments