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we had out lovely monthly ladies breaky. nate helped with the set up. he actually helped

i kept it easy-peasy. an orange, lime and lemon for center pieces. mini pots of soon to bloom pots, tea lights for flicker and napkins folded as invites. simple and fun

just one of those days

nice hand print, on my just cleaned window

my kitchen helper as i tried to make chris a swiss cake

it didn't turn out

we went out to eat instead

oh well, there is next yr!

we are good just busy, the days are filled and sometimes i wish i could be bored!

have a great friday everyone!
...he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation...

1 pe 5:10


"and that's what i think about that dad"

"what are your thoughts on the matter?"
hee hee

love them!

mama misty and baby mason

nate saying good bye after our "short" visit. right misty? it was short, very, very short...if chris asks just say it was a short visit...


nate saying good bye to his future wife? ...hum.....

love the visit! until next time! (today?) haha

longgg wkend!

adorable much? easter sunday before church

typical boy when i am trying for a serious shot



sitting with the big boys

excited about this whole "first easter sunday church performance"

taking his egg "jesus was whipped"

hand on teacher jody

learning new funny faces from jacob. thanks dude! hah!

he was done. the kids were suppose to stay to sing with the older ones but nope, nate was done...haha

after church nan/popa/quinn/aunty/char all came for a visit

the boys were reunited and the world was a great place

chris doing his goo goo over charlie-girl. seriously, chris loves this girl

quinn brought nate's easter gift from aunty jess and uncle jon

opening it together

needing nana's help

thanks j&j. we loved the chocolates! we as in nate and quinn




my girl

doing manly play in the man pit
then it got cold, so we went in

where quinn took over the kitchen
nate was placing his order

this is very serious. quinn loved the play kitchen
we were fed well

adorable charlie

singing to charlie. she totally got into it!

bio mama and char ( we all know that i am her real mom)

that rabbit did it AGAIN! he made a mess last yr and he did it again. a mess was made outside this time and the boys, thank goodness! were up to the job of cleaning up the mess....and they did

in keeping up with the tradition. nate got an egg, opened it, ate it or i should say stuffed it into his mouth and ran to the next one. quinn's game plan was smarter (in my opinion) he chose to run as fast as he could and grab as much as he could. and eat it later

his mouth was stuffed with the treats and i mean stuffed!

love the end result! those buckets were HUGE! i got them at micheals for 1.50. love them!

and back to the man pit they went. this is the BEST investment in the back yard! nate has spent SO much time in this thing! he LOVES it, i even bring them water so they can get all muddy. hey! it washes off! and i would rather they make a mess that is OUTSIDE!

last cuddle before they left

quinn and chris

goodbye hug

i have to add. the boys played SO well together. i don't think they had more than 1 fight the whole time, they shared extremely well, they communicated their thoughts and feelings and they respected them (as much as a 3yr old can) i was impressed with how well they got along! they really loved playing together and nate missed quinn so much already

trust me. there has been lots of tears today

and cry's for nana and papa

to take some of the pain away, we took nate to a "new" park to play with some kids

this pic is for you dad


i told nate to go climb a tree

he did

trying to show nate how this works

great job chris!

final swing

happy easter everyone!


show this to your father!

love aunty 2 comments

good friday

this was taken yesterday am. note the ice off the horse
it's a great thing that i feel the spring, in my heart, cause it's sure isn't looking that way outside!

swiss-style play house!

chris! can we build one?