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 hahaha i love her so much!
preggo update.  i met with my obg on monday.  we discussed delivery dates.  due to a bunch of reasons that i wont nore you with, she only has july 3 and aug 6 available for Cesarian sections.  obviously july 3 is too soon. so i am booked for aug 6. which is 5 days PAST my due date.  har har hahahahaha

bec god created me so wonderfully complex i would expect this thread through my life. oya

most likey we are looking at 2 ways it could pan out

1- i will go into labor on my own and do in for an on the spot section. for this i have to make plans for child care for my kids until my parents can get here


2-wonderful preeclampsia has shown her ugly face already, if she continues to wreak havoc on my body we will have the baby sooner than we thought

details about that

mon i was sent for tests, my levels came back higher than normal with protein, my blood pressure is up and i have this redic, horrible pain my my shoulders/upper abdomen area....all are indicators of preeclampsia. 

wed i started to get a sharp jabbing pain in my upper rib cage area and spend most of the day just gritting my teeth.  thurs the pain was really bad. like i had tears bad.  fri it eased off but yesterday it was back, worse then thurs. i decided it was time to get it checked out and i took full on advantage of having chris home to take the kids (day child watching is limited for me) 

i was admitted to be assessed and watched.  i was sent for more tests.  the results?  my protein is higher than mom as well as my blood pressure.  my obg was called and i was told to go home on rest, to take it easy and to come in for wkly tests. if my levels continue to climb lik they are a decision will be made to get baby girl 2 out

i am booked for an ultrasound/baby scan on wed as well as more tests to monitor my levels
i see my obg on mon for more tests and to go over the u/s

so as of right now, im 35 wks, preeclampsia as set in and we will take it day by day, wk by wk

i am choosing to have a good attitude for the remainder, even thou i am in semi constant discomfort and at times pain. 

so now we really need to pick a name!!!!!


more ellie

 her curls!
 watching some tv to pass the rainy day
 i found nate in my bed the other day, he was SO tired he took a nap. surrounded by his fav things, blankets, books and his soccer book
 off she goes! shopping with her dolls
me last night at 34 wks. im huge

yesterday was the worst pregnant day ive had. ever. i woke up in pain, and the pain got worse during the day by 3 i was on the couch crying.  i am having shoulder discomfort but the sharp pain is in my abdomen area, under the rib cage. no position is comfortable, baby girl was VERY active yesterday and her movements were hurting me, add the rain and it made along day.  i finally found a position last night around 2 am that was some what less painful, i shoved a pillow under my belly/rib cage, put another pillow in between my legs, another pillow on my back and i slept from 2ish-6. 4 solid hrs. that's the longest chuck ive had in a long time.  im praying today will be a better day as i clean, finish laundry, wash and mop the floors and unpack the baby never ends! 

each day is 1 day closer to meeting baby girl!  0 comments

ellie girl

 she LOVES her high heel shoes. i hear her click clicking all over the house. adorable.
 such a girl she is, each morning i show her what shes going to wear that say and she lights up and says "ohhhh" then she picks out her hair clip and pretty.  shoes come after
 i love you ellie joy
 she walks around with her fav things, shoes, purse, doll, hat
off she does.  what a refreshing joy you are ellie rhe!  i love you! 1 comments

rides for all!

 my neighbour text-ed me these pics last night. hahah.  this is how men entertain the kids. ha  chris jacked up the lawn mower with a pully tarpy things and they rode around the yard
love it! cant wait to have the baby, ive added another to do thing to my list of things to sleep on belly!, jump on trampoline, zip down the zip line, swim!, and ride behind the mower. hahaha oh and drink more coffee and yummy wine!  cant wait!! 0 comments

summer fun!

 this 30.00 pool is the best 30.00 we've spent this yr. they are in it everyday.  ellie only likes to play in t when nate is with her. awe
nate much prefers his friends pools....they are 5'+ deep. haha but he will go in this pool with ellie. i would love a pool but i aint putting no fence up! 

we walked to the park the other morning, ellie lead the way
 we swang
 then ventured into the woods where nate got busy building home base from sticks and rocks and ellie pointed to everything and said "ohhhhh"
 heading out
 my little dolly in the woods
 all by herself...while nate worked away
 showing me the sticks he gathered for building supplies. ha
 then home for another swim and berries before lunch
 my little monkey jumping her heart out


nates grad

 nate and some of his grad class
 receiving his diploma
 proud boy
 he was thrilled to get a certificate
 during the ceremony chris took ellie out cause shes a wiggle worm!  1/2 way through nate asked to leave so he could go go to BED! he was SO tired

ellie running to him
my 2 blessings! 0 comments

flowers, nates grad

 i ran a few errands the other day and came home to this....chocolates and picked flowers, in a jar with water and a love note all for me!  awww thanks buddy!
 turkey pants
 family shot!!! nates grad was mon night.  aunty came over for a few and snapped a pic of us!
 ellie in her finery


nates bird house

 nate wanted a bird house. ha. so i took him to the $ store where he picked this out for 2.00
he came home and painted it ( 2 wks later ha) and did it all by himself
then he went to find a new home for it
 picking the perfect spot

i am going to encourage ANY kind of crafting he may want to do. haha 0 comments


 my wonderful hubby brought me apples (golden delish my FAV) and my fav apple cider slushy yesterday morning!  i will eat that bag by next week. an apple a day people! ha

fri night we began the process of changing ellie's bed over....we set up quinn/charlies old crib in nate's room for ellie.  fri night was a bumpy night. ellie fell asleep around 9:15, nate was out by 9.  the change is bringing a lot of changes for both of them....

but last night was AWESOME!  ellie was asleep by 7:15, nate 8:30. ellie slept till 8 this am!  awesome!
 so in order to make room, i had chris install another shelf and removed the dresser from nate's room. nates clothes are now hung on the lower rack, ellies clothing will join in sometime today/tomorrow
 i then had chris install another shelf in the girl's room.  while i was working away in nate's room i checked on the kids and found this
 2 monkeys having a blast!
 the girl's closet.  i am going to hang the babies clothes on the top shelf and use the change table to store sleepers and what not

when ellie joins her sister sometime next yr i will move ellie's clothes on the lower shelf
but i am thinking i am going to hang up ellie's clothes that are too big for her now and get rid of the large dresser in her room. that way i can sell the dressers as a set and use that money to buy another change table for ellie's room (scored one of kijiji today for 40)
 i thought a belly shot was due. love the monkeys in the back ground
 34 weeks!
 nate did Ellie's hair. haha
 bonus baby's bed is ready and waiting for her arrival

so im about 1/2 way done the moving around and cleaning/organizing and what not

i have gone from 0 cribs to 2 cribs!

god is good. he's faithful.  always!


schools OUT!

 we finished fri morning!!!  i spent fri afternoon cleaning, organizing and packing away.  i did a simple transcript for nates marks and recorded what he did this yr.  i packed away his attitude chart, above and was impressed with how well he did all yr!  i stopped coloring black on the no school days. haha
 nate looked back over all the work he did
 i pulled out his reading sheets, i started keeping track in oct what books nate read out loud to me during school.  i counted them all up and was stunned to realise nate read 210 books on his OWN!  this does not include the amount he reads on his own, this is just during school time! 

then i spent fri night working on and finishing nate's gr 2 outline for next yr!  wheeee . i thought i'd post it for those who chris. haha

this is the general idea/flow of what i am aiming to do with nate for his gr 2.  i have left lots of room to move things around and make changes. 

Grade 2

-Math U See Beta   (continuing book from 2014)                                                    $70.00                                                                                              

Language Arts                                                                                                 $10.00 

*Independent reading
-         Nate’s choice
-         20 mins a day

-         Record the book with a mini write up

*Readers- corner stone readers 
Read out Louds      (living books)                                                                               20.00
-I read out loud 20 mins

Reading list
-Marco Polo
-Thomas Edison
-Ben Franklin x2
-Robinson Crusoe
-Peter Pan
-Land of 1000 Whales
-Farmer Boy    
*nate picked and approved them. Ha

-Calendar review                                                                                                           $10.00
-Reading comprehension sheets
-scripture memorization
-critical thinking sheet/question/exercise
(Daily’s are in 1 binder and nate starts the day with it, great way to boost his brain)

Spelling                                                                                                                    $15.00
-Soaring with Spelling
 (new program we are going to try out)

  (0 cost I am reusing the program)
-25 rules of grammar                                              

*Writing                                                                                                                $15.00
-Winning with Writing

Social Studies
-Canadian History Readers                                                                   
$5.00 (garage sales)
-Biography’s of people, history, cultures etc   (will combo read out loud)             
$5.00 (garage sales)

-* Our father’s world textbook ( Rod and staff publishers)                         
$ 3.00 (used)


Botany (apologia)
$40.00 ( text and student work book)           

-continue art curric from 2014                                                                                        
Focus on composers textbook
3.00 (used)

-Gods great covenant
Old test-bible course for children                

Unit Studies
*Money matters                                                                                   
$2.00 (used)
*Cursive writing                                                                                                              free        

-green means nate works independently! Wheee!

-blue indicates I teach the main lesson; nate works indep in work book 
-purple I do the reading/teaching nate sits and listens     

 after i got everything on paper, i was able to figure the cost for budget purposes for next yr.  i was able to see where we are going, and how i want to get there. i am surprised that most of nates work will be independent. i do want to be a part of his school so i don't mind teaching the main classes to him

the books we picked out for out loud reading. i am thinking these will last until feb/march. then ill reevaluate and go from there
this is 1 stack of 2 that i have to go through and get ready for nate.  bec i am buying used or 1 copy, most of these will be photo by order to save money.  i figure it will pay off in the long run....i am thinking i will take a wk off from school stuff and try to get a chunk done before the baby of right now, i am taking a break! ha

i wanted to take a end of the school yr pic of nate but forgot but no worries, he still wants to be a ninja. haha

happy no more school!  2 comments