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playdates and the zoo!

 while jeff, ursi and the girls spent mon-thurs exploring the island (and falling in love with it :) my little crew did a play date with micah and judah.  it POURED rain the whole time but the kids played really well together.  they asked for a snack so i made them banana muffins.  i made 12 and there was 4 left when they were done.  i think they like them. ha

after the rain we set (ok, mostly chris) set up the pool.  we ran the heat pump and by the end of day 2 te water was quite warm approxy +25...the wind was cold this week making it way too cold for me to go in! ha
 wed morning we chilled at the house.  the girls played dinosaurs...joey would feed them her snack and then eat it for them. haha
 see! yum!
 wed afternoon we hit up the zoo with home school friends .  we both have passes, so we are thinking this will be a weekly event
 my little girls on the big slide!
 sisters. how adorable
 love them
 hahaha they both fit inside!
 the zoo was crazy. so many kids!  we stayed later than normal but had to leave to meet chris at the house. chris was driving to amhert to pick up his new toy. a wood chipper. sigh. that beast scares me to bits!  nate told me the next ay that he really enjoyed spending time with chris that night....and he got to stay out even later than normal. ha
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the week part 2

 someone left me a gift on my phone. wonder who this is?
 thurs morning all the kids were in this relaxed, chilled mood. which is rare and AWESOME.  i found joey like this, reading. for a good 30 mins

nate was just happy to stay home and relax
 after nap time we went down town moncton to meet dad for a coffee and explore the down down main st. with canada 150 coming there is quite a lot of activity to watch...

joey, with her dinosaur
 i found nate like this. with my book and best markers. but i was totally ok with it. he did a great job
 and it kept him busy
 more of nate chilling
 poor clifford, i found him in time out
 back to down town moncton. my crew
 silly, happy joey
 when did my baby turn into a little girl?  sigh
 jeff, ursi and the girls arrived thurs night and the kids hit the pool. ha. after a late night, the kids woke up to spend the morning with the dads, while the moms hit up sally ann's 1.00 kids clothing sale, and costco.  we came back to swim, eat and hang out.  the kids did a mini lesson to the parents on "how we can be better parents"  it was cute, apparently, all i need to do is buy more meat?! hahaha

i tried to get a kid line up but these are the best i got
 cousin swim time
jeff and ursi left super early this morning for ontario.  and we all agreed that we all had a really enjoyable time and must do this again!

its pouring rain today, so im cleaning, laundry, mopping and cleaning....with some minor cooking and bath time in there

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singing over me!

its been a really busy week. life is full force on.  this morning god started to show me something about myself in an area that im really struggling in.  i feel this horrible guilt and condemnation over the silliest, non issue things.  its a true joy steal er. this am, while in the midst of my struggle to see the joy and light in the day (while all the kids screamed and pulled at me ha)  nate put this amazing cd on and it talked about god singing over us

so i looked the verse up

The LORD your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing."  Zep 3:17

i read it in a bunch of different translations but the old niv was my favorite. i read it slowly like this

the lord my god is with you (when im doing stupid things)
the mighty warrior who saves (a mighty warrior!  he saves me from the stupid thing i did)
he will take great delight in me (even after i did/said something stupid he still LIKES me!!!)
in his love he will no longer rebuke me (he LOVES me even thou i did something stupid)
but will rejoice over me with singing (he SINGS to me when im acting stupid!!!)

how much is that like the love of a parent to child.  when my kids are acting stupid, i dont like what they did but i am all over them with hugs and kisses when the come to me during and after acting stupid!

so as i go about my day today, when i feel the negative thoughts come to me i will tell myself that god is singing over me right now



science fair!

 we took the week last week and worked on nate's science fair project. chris and nate spent the evenings in the shop and i spent about 2 hrs a day with him working on his display board, that i dont have a picture of. we had so much fun!  i truly enjoyed working with ante and learning about hydraulics.  chris and nate also had a great time together.   im thinking for now on, every yr we will take the week and only work on the science fair.  nate put a lot of effort and work into his project. with OUT complaint.
 heading out the door!  this yr, i didnt take the girls to the fair. we had company coming and i wanted to get started on cleaning.
 nate came home boating of this bad boy!  nate WON first place for his project. he was trilled and ellie screamed "nate! i KNEW you could do it!"
 she was so happy for him. look at her face. and we rewarded the boys with mcdees for per chris in the back ground. hahaha
 late fri night jeff, ursi and their crew joined us for a part of their summer vacation.  saturday was raining but for some freak reason the kids all got a long GREAT!  they played while the adults talked
 and the men slept. hahaha


visit part 2

 sunday the sun was mostly out. so we packed up the vans and headed to the land to explore the land and have lunch cooked on the fire
katie rode with us
 and i got a peek at this bad boy. the backhoe. hiding in the trees. ha
 great camo job chris
 the ids watching the fire
 we took a walk to the river which was fun, i got to see more of the land that i havent seen before and we found this. i wonder how in the world they got the materials down there???  the glass windows are all blown out and i didnt go in to look
 ursi helping joey
 nate watching the river
 back at the camp the kids were hungry so we tossed some hot dogs, ham and sausages to eat
 it was nice to chill, relax and catch up
 miss maya. relaxing. such a hoot she is
 and i found these selfies on my phone. wonder who did it? hahaha
 i see you!
 too many cooks in the kitchen
 ellie entertained us by kissing ryder. on her plate. she thought this was super funny. ha
 see. ryder
 beauties in the forest
 trying to sneak a life back to the vans
 nate with uncle jeff's tree saw
 chris giving the kids a ride in the backhoe. i havent set foot in it yet
 up close