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the quiet before christmas. ha

 i found this interesting as i shopped for groceries last thurs night. alone.  grocery shopping ALONE= divine.  i cherish the opportunity. world halal meat anyone?

last fri ellie was talking about how frogs eat bugs with their tongues. then she says "here ill show you, ill draw you a diagram"  and she's totally an eigenheer!

today while failing to exchange nana's scarf at the store joey ran to a rack of sunglasses where she puts them on (upside down) and says "im awesome. im awesome" ha
 making art on a cold afternoon in the sun
 together making art. so cold out!
 ellie took a little nap with daddy on friday waiting for nana and papa to arrive to start our christmas
 chris then opens his eyes and says "i have to pee"  ive been there, so many long can i hold it cause when i get up the kid will wake up! haha
 i got my new planner the other day.  i thought id blog my old one.  about 2.5 yrs ago i started to keep a quick journal. i record everything.  at first it was to help me be more "analytical"  and see if i can find a pattern to certain triggers.  like stress, sleeplessness, cranky, hormonal etc...i color code most everything and after about 6 months i could see a pattern!  then i started adding other things and doing a quick daily log...i love it. it takes me about 2 mins to do at night and has helped me out so much.  ESP when chris says "we never have "us" time"  wink, wink...oh really?  out comes the planner and i show him!  ha!  anyways, i got a new planner for this yr and im excited to see what patterns i can find!...i blocked 1/2 the page were i wrote stuff out, thats a bit too personal for the blog. ha
 this is joeys sleeping position.  such a life little one


they're here!

 sat jon, jess and copper came for raclette.  joey was a bit happy
 i immediately put jess to work cutting. ha
these little nuggets were found in the playroom
 so fun copper!
 the kid table!
 kids rock!
 the adult table
 nate's thumb of approval
 and in jons fashion he went to the floor to stretch it out because he ate too much
it was fun!  you guys need to come again!  the kids played so well together and adult chatter is always fun!  0 comments

so tired...

 tired girl after her big meal
 attempting to get a kid pic
 photo bomb!
 and again
 christmas eve we went to church, the girls in their finery. nate in his. ha
 attempting a good pic
 ellie was hugging not putting a choke hold on joey. ha


more christmas

 nate read to us christmas eve the christmas story
 then they opened their chocolates and gifts from nate
i was SO impressed with nate and his gift's this yr.  back in november nate came to me asking what he should do about christmas gifts because he doesnt have any money.  i told him to be create and the BEST gifts dont cost money but maybe time, thought and effort.  he worked on his gifts that he gave out.  each gift had thought and purpose to them.  once he finished he then wrapped them all and wrote a note to tell why he gave the gift.  he drew pictures, wrote stories, gave away his own stuff, and we got creative.  i think we spent 2.00 in total for monetary value.  its not the cost, its the thought!  the girls LOVED their gifts from him....and so did shawn. ha!
 christmas 2017
 i didnt want the kids to go down before us. after we slept in until a respectable 7:30 we went down for christmas morning. nana and papa joined us and we spent the morning opening and enjoying family.  we went small this yr, it was the easiest, most stress free, relaxing christmas.  i think it was my fav christmas so far

 down we went
 joey was so surprised



 little jo
 thanks ursi for the game, it went with his lego!
 joey got her dinosaur!  she loved it
 some christmas afternoon playing

and i didnt take any pics after that. ha. i put my camera down and chilled.  i really enjoyed my christmas and boxing day.  a HUGE YES! for simple!

i went boxing day shopping alone because my sister SELFISHLY booked a surgery and is unable to walk for another 2 weeks....i had to go ALONE. (im kidding about the selfish part) but it just wasnt the same.  i came home with 2 bags.  so sad...
 it was a stinkbot shopping with out you bestie. haha see what i did there....hahaha

this is the face of utter disrepair!  the girls woke up and played in their rooms until 7:30...then went down to find nate but he wasnt there.  he left yesterday afternoon with mom and dad to visit jon/jess and cry/shawn.  the girls went to be knowing he was gone but forgot some how. and when they realized he was gone, i had to settled them down.  ellie was so very upset. she bawled her eyes red! 
quinn!  ellie painted the picture.  she wanted to show you!  thank you!
 ellie funny. ellie has the best way to express herself when she is upset with you.  last week she was mad at chris and she called him "a meany bear" then she got mad at chris and left this for him.  she drew the family WITH OUT chris.  see the 4 happy faces?  that is me, nate, ellie and joey. see the no dad she wrote?  she TOOK him OUT of the family and drew a sad/mad face that is chris.  dad is NOT in the family. hahaha im keeping this
 what is this????
 singing away. happy, happy joey
 and another note i found.  this time its nate. hahaha.  she took nate out of the family....i much rather these notes than punching or hitting. ha
and that was a quick peek into our christmas! 0 comments

rainy day!

 i found this cutie, all dressed for the rain in my living room. i love her little spunk for life!
 mon was quite eventful.  i rescued my friend who' car wouldnt start, took her youngest kid for the afternoon while the big kids had cooking class...which was nates last.  the rules have changed again for cooking class, and its just not worth the hassle anymore.  no worried. ill let him ger PLENTY of practice in my cooking school....muwahhhhhh
 this little turkey is really changing in front of my eyes. i find each day she talks more, shares more of her thoughts with me, her artys side is coming out.  shes totally opposite in personality from nate and ellie.  she LOVES to create, and is a visual learner.  yesterday in under 10 mins she put together a 54 pc puzzle that ellie struggles with.  im not comparing the two, im just is awe how different they all are.  most mornings while im doing ellies 1 on 1 school joey is in nates room with his playing lego.  she loves her big brother and loves to create.  perfect combination.  anyways, she just makes me smile
 we made some art this week. ellie mixed colors, then painted a nice picture of herself and jesus holding hands on the earth.  joey spent 45 mins dotting colors on her picture.  ellie painted for about 20 mins, joey was there for over an hr
 and she's a lefty.  chris and i are debating on switching her hand now...he wants to, im more hesitant....
we finished up ellies school on tues and spent wed reading books together.  im reading her a science book on how weather works because we are working with her through her fears of lightning and thunder. the more information i give her about weather and clouds, the better she feels.  funny how ppl are so different. information makes me feel my case less is best. chris LOVES information.  i never google anything, esp health related.  if i have a question ill get chris to look it up...the information makes me over thing, and dwell on things that dont help. 0 comments