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random stuff

 someone discovered how to unlock my phone and take pics...i found about 100 pics on my phone....i wonder who it was????ha
 we put up the deer, the kids were thrilled that we have some lights outside....we added a strobe light...we went all out this yr. haha

mon, tues and wed was spent with everyone (but nate) sick!  it was awful.  i wasnt feeling well on monday and i woke up to this.  ellie brought me up a granola bar. so cute!  chris stayed home mon but went to work on tues.  normally he wakes me up when he leaves for work but tues he decided to let me sleep.  i slept until 10!  i woke up, the house was quiet. i was thinking chris came home.  wrong!  nate kept the girls down stairs QUIET!  and took care of them for me. when i woke up, he brought me up a glass of orange juice and coffee.  i was like dude, my heart.  he's the best!
 nate and his friend have been building this fort box.  all taped together. they think they can spend 6 hrs inside of it....yea right! 
 proud of his work
 i found this on my phone
 and literally 50 of these
 monday our bag of nuts came!  i was feeling like poop, so i opened mine and went back to the couch
 joey was very thrilled about it
 nate was ready for combat
 joey saw all the chocolate and said "chocolate come to meeeeeeeee"
 and ate every piece in her bag
 enjoying our family tradition!  thank you muetti for sending it to us, the time, cost, effort means a lot to us.  we love our bags....and the post man even said "your bags of nuts are here" haha 


more randomness

 nate took it upon himself to read the hunger games. in 2 days.  he LOVED it!  im like what happened to my little boy? 
 nate is the keeper of the advent calendar.  every morning the girls wait for him to help them open theirs.  so far, its worked out quite well.  i like giving nate more and more responsibility

nate then moved on to mocking jay, which he said isnt as good as the hunger games...!
 tues i asked chris to stop by the store and pick me up some neo citron.  silly, silly me.  he came home with this.  12 pastries, 3 boxes of granola bars, 3 curry dinners,3 tubes of toothpaste....sigh....he was thrilled....ha
 wed after school, we spent time making flowers...the concentration was immense
 joey called nana and papa.  you guys had a GREAT conversation!
 i took the girls out to burn off some energy and for me to try and feel good this pic
 see. im alive. ha



 i took nate out Thurs night to finish up his christmas shopping. we had so much fun!  i dont know if its his age, but when we go out it feels more like me hanging out with my bud.  he was such a hoot.  we ended up going to this toy store for over an hour, just to hang out and have fun.  last night chris and i were watching a movie and nate joined us.  its so neat to see our relationship change into a friendship as well as parental

nate picked out our ugly tree decoration
 after school on fri i came into the school room to this.  ellie wanted her nails painted. so nate painted them for her!  my heart!

 he is the best brother
 making joey laugh
 mom and dad came up fri to stay the night. i only took 1 pic! this one!  we went to dinner fri night, the last time we all went together as a family was in january. so we hit up swiss chalet.  the kids were great.  we ordered 3 kids meals and 2 adult meals.  nothing came home!  normally the kids dont eat everything...fri night they ate everything.  my family is growing!



 nate had 2 parties on sat.  the morning chris took him to a rocket birthday party where they shot off rockets!  so fun!  i went with my parents and the girls to coppers party, chris and nate joined us later.  we celebrated copper lee's 3rd birthday!!!
 the kids had a blast
joey was a bit not herself
 copying her face. ha
 adorable much. the boys!
 playing video games
 some of the crew
 opening presents.  the kids all enjoyed watching copper open his gifts
 cup cake time!
 they were super yummy!
 we came home and opened our presents from quinn
 LOVE ellies card and what charlie wrote
 chris opening his
 mine!  LOVE it quinn!  thank you!!!



 last night we had our first "significant snow fall"  we ENJOYED the tractor who blew us out this am. i can really get use to this snow plowing the driveway for us!
 we went to the church christmas concert.  it was really good, well put together.  the kids loved it
 ellie and joey
after 15 mins or so joey ended up on my lap. where i truly enjoyed 45 mins of kisses and snuggles...she doesnt know it, but most nights i go into her bed and snuggle with her.  i love my baby girl.  i  love her snuggles.  shes fun

and with me bring under the weather, a busy weekend, i just wasnt on the ball for the blog.  im hoping things will slow down soon and i can play catch up...

i go for my dentist appointment tomorrow, so prayers are welcome. ive never had a broken tooth before and im not sure exactly how they fill/fix it.  i wont google that. ha cause information overwhelms me.  where as with chris the more information the better. me?  the more information the more my mind can panic! 

the kids are all better.  im almost better, im taking a strong decongestant from the natural apothecary and ive noticed a HUGE difference in 24 hrs...oh yeh, i was able to open my sage throat spray last week and try it out.  after 2 days my throat was better!  totally worth the cost. i LOVE sage!

and with that, supper must be started!  happy sunday! 0 comments

some time last week...

 this is my life.  behind me is jumping joey
in front of me is nate and ellie. ha.
it was so beautiful out last sat, we spent some time outside playing, walking and visiting neighbours.  prob one of the last snow free play times this yr...
 jumping, tumbling, rolling, hand stands oh my!
 found this on my phone...ha
 first snow that lasted more than an hr!
 we did a play date on mon and i was so busy i didnt take one pic!  tues was get air party.  i took 2 pics, put my phone away and talked. ha i think the moms like the get together more than the kids.  great time to chat, catch up and laugh
i haven't been on the ball with the pic taking the last few weeks, i dont carry my phone with me during school and often just yrs resolution!  take more pics. ha 0 comments