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 he was dressed to explore a cave. har
in the middle of school nate jumps up and does this
im like what ARE you doing???
he says "im working on my balance, ninja's have to have balance you know"

we put him in an awesome class on mon nights, it's nate's version of ninja fighting (some kind of martial arts) he LOVES it
 at the end of the day, i ask nate to clean up the school room. this is how i found it 3 mornings this week.  ursi! you can home school and contain the mess of it. hahaha
for reals!
 i left the room and came back to this.  nate was doing his report on the stool
 silly card
 working away beside me.  love it. 
school is going well. really well....but i dont have anything to compare him we will keep doing what we are doing

someone asked me if i like home school

i LOVE it. wouldn't change it at all!!!  (even on the rough days)  0 comments


 the weather has been AWFUL and i mean it full out, sucks!  its snowing or raining most days and i am SO pleased with how the older 2 play together during the afternoon nap time.  i put the t.v on ONCE this week!  yeah me!  they have played, made art and read lots of books!
 our plant race.  mom gave us these 2 seeds at eater to grow so nate and i made a game out of it. he planted one and i planted one. the race is to see which one wins....he's winning. big time. har har
 on mon, jo was a mess. she was working on that tooth. she was cranky and in pain, but remind you, her cranky is nate on a good day. ha....and life must go on, so i ended up using my sling (from africa!) and kept jo in it. all. day. long.  she put her head on my chest while i made the meals and did laundry. poor dolly.  she was back to her old self on tues...but i caught ellie above using the sling with her doll inside! ha. dont tell me littles dont watch everything!
 oh jo, SO glad we had you!
 nate cleaned up ellie's house and wanted to show me. awesome job dude!
 tues, back to my happy baby!!!!



 jo is 9.5 months now. she is at such a fun stage. she is now proudly sitting on her own, doing her push ups and loves to babble and smile. she is seriously, the happiest baby. always smiling and just so chilled.  she cut that ol tooth on monday and is working on another one. she's still giving gummy kisses thou. the best kind there is!
 ellie put her dolls to bed and put her finger to her lips and said "shhhhh mom, babies sleeping"  ellie is repeating everything nate says so we can hear her often proclaiming "what the heck?" and my fav " that's stupid" (he says it in a light hearted manner, not disrespectful)

ellie funny- today she asked for some chips and i said no, she then put her hands on her hips and said "that is SO stupid!" bawahhhh

johana's fav past time, put a bucket of toys/random items in the container and let her go at it.  it seriously keeps her busy for an HOUR, if not more. nate was the exact same way.  everything goes to the mouth first, then she makes her baby noises "babababa...dadadada" and a lot of quiet gummy her
 yesterday, turkey girl woke up from her nap early, so we did school on the couch with her


the girls

 just cause jo is so stinking adorable!
ellie joy in her shoes, flowers and p.j's. such a fun girl to hang out with
 captured johana's face when daddy came home from work yesterday!
 beautiful eliana. she's losing her toddler look and looking more little girl



thanks sis for all you do! we love you! 1 comments


 ellie jumping to the music. so fun to watch

chris's amazing, redic priced birthday cake, bought at a special GERMAN bakery in HALIFAX that my parents went out of their way to get for chris bec he was being redundant and cray cray about his birthday cake!!   har har
 it was amazing thou!  thanks mom and dad for rescuing me on this!
 the gathering for the cake
 shawn, cry, chris and i went out to dinner sat night to celebrate chris's big 40!  this is the FIRST time we have ever gone out to eat together!  how sad is that?  anyways, chris chose a thai restaurant, and for one who doesn't like thai. i was impressed with this place. we will be back!  check out my fancy flower carrot!  how awesome that????

i ordered lemongrass chicken and i got a plate of CHICKEN!!!  nothing else, just chicken!  so funny. it was awesome!
 sun morning we hit the road. i wanted to get home early to unpack, feed the kids, settle in, clean up, get ready for another week, get groceries and run an errand.  sigh.  i did get most of it done!  nate crashed in the van on the way home.  he was SO tired!
 after we put the kids to bed last night, we opened up chris's present.  i gave him 40 gifts for 40 yrs. i picked out quote that reminded me of him, then got a gift to go along with it.  it took him an hour to open it all
 nate passed them out and tried to guess the gift from the quote. he did a great job!
it was a fun project to work on. chris is VERY  hard to buy gifts for...ha
 this am we woke up to SNOW!  seriously!?!?!? sob sob
and that is us in a nut shell. 0 comments


 so, tomorrow is chris's 40th birthday. i had quinn plan a party for chris. he did a great job too!  we had our party sat afternoon. quinn did the decorations
 ellie held the door open for everyone.  love her
 my little boo all ready to party
 the birthday boy!
 ellie joy!
 playing a game. it was seriously fun
 aunty trying it out
 ellie too
 then we watched a show quinn put on.  he was practicing for a real audition for a christmas play that he wants to be in
 watching the show
 johana joined us too!
 love her!
 double trouble!
 now the triple trouble team!
quinn did a great job, my party planner extraordinaire!  the kids played together so well again, i am so happy about this!  i want them to all be buddies, such a great thing to have cousins close in age!


ladies conf!

 chris and i packed the kids up fri night and went up to halifax for the weekend.  rock was doing a ladies conf and i wanted to go. i decided at the last min to chris dropped me off at the church fri night and took the kids to the house (my sis and parents share a house)  i spent fri night decompressing, not really feeling social. just tired after coming off a rough week. 

sat morning i was feeling much better and had a GREAT time. i visited with old friends, made some new and got caught up with my family. i was even able to see my pals from moncton who came up for the conf. 

being typical rock, everything was so nice. the decorations. the food, the take away bags etc...
 the details that were put in
 it was great to just sit and take it in.  very refreshing
 the food was awesome!
 ladies worshiping
i had a great time. cant wait for next year! 0 comments