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the last week!

 nate wanted help last sunday with his loose didnt work. ha but we have it on video nate's response to the whole situation...a GREAT teaching tool. haha

the tooth did fall out on its own later that night
 the kids are truly enjoying the trampoline park.  i love the social aspect for myself and the kids, i  love watching them go crazy for 2+ hrs, then come home to crash. ha.  the home school group is signed up for another 6 wks but after talking to chris, we've decided to not join in.  im hoping with the weather turning nice we can find some affordable things to do outside
 i LOVE seeing little ellie's legs jump!
 nate and his buddy were playing in the little kid's jumping pit.  it was so fun to watch them play
this boy is the oldest in his family, he's 9, then there is a boy 7, a girl 4 and another girl 2. after talking to his mom the first time she said "oh!  you are just missing a 7yr old" and i said "actually i would have had a 7 yr old!" and told her about ben.  kinda neat to find another family with kids the same age and the same sex. and yes, her daughters play with mine
 the last of nate's lego kits arrived on monday!  nate was thrilled to come home from his friends place to spend the rest of the night building lego. and he finished the kit the same night!
 thanks nana and papa!
 we had a crazy ice storm tues night. it knocked out the power for a lot off ppl in moncton and the outside areas. we had no power for 2 DAYS! it was BRUTAL!  we did score a 10 yr old used generator in dorchester wed night that gave us enough heat and kept the fridge running.  we were SO happy to put the candles and flash lights away when the power came back on thurs.  as of today, some ppl still dont have power! 

fri afternoon i took the kids to the library. i was limited on things to do with the kids bec schools and businesses were closed. so we hit up the old library for some free play. and i was able to meet with chris and drink a coffee that was warm!

joey is such a tool
 and she found her baby! hahaha
 we woke joey up yesterday morning. at 9. so she could eat
she was not impressed
 and she went back to bed shortly after. ha

joey is now called my little buppy.  she quietly follows me around the house, stopping when i stop to touch my leg, rest her head on me, then resumes following me.  quietly,  never saying anything. just always in my shadow.  chris thinks its the funniest thing to after my bunny that i had in sasky that i called buppy, this little bunny would follow me around the house, i call joey my little buppy. and as i type this her head is resting on my lap. haha

ellie came down with a little bug on fri and put herself to bed.  she finally barfed the icky up sat morning, then took a 2 HOUR nap and woke up with a smile on her face
i said "ellie!  you smiled! the first smile today!"
ellie said " its because my tummy feels better so can smile now"
 i put ellie in her new dress this morning. she is growing up so fast!
 my little ellie
 then we head joey crying to come over
 so she joined in.  im forever telling ellie that i am so glad she is such a great  big sister and joey watches and copies what she see's her big sister do

then ellie told me that she is a good sister because nate is a good brother to her,  i agree.  ellie is so blessed to have nate as her brother, he is so good to her (even when she doesnt deserve it)
 like this
after church today nate bought pizza for ellie with his kids cash.  i told the kids we could have pizza, and nate said that he wanted to pay for all of it with his kids cash money.  so he did, he bought 3 pieces of pizza and 3 pops!  i said we can all share 1 pop and nate can bring the other 2 home (thats a lot of sugar!) but nate gave one to me and one to chris!  hes a great kid!
 so thats a quick peep into our life. with the power being out and home school activities cancelled we had an off week!  i was able to read 2 books flash light. haha

and with that we start another week! 


my job!

so, my littlest joey has been sick for the last week, her cold was officially over on sunday but i noticed the last 2 days she's been different.  tired. easily upset. and very clingy to me. normally i chalk this up to her just not feeling well...until today.  at 10 am, joey went to her room, grabbed her blanket and found me in the school room with nate. she jested that she wanted to go to nap.  she naps in the basement, where it is some what quiet...hey! she's the youngest!  its hard to have a quiet house! haha  anyways, i was like what??? its only 10AM!  shes been awake for 1.5 hrs!  i put her to bed...

i had nate go get her up at 12:30, cause i was making lunch .  after we ate i noticed she was super "clingy" and stuck to me all afternoon.  we finished school with joey on my lap, i made a snack with joey on my hip, i put a show on for my sanity (its a storm day here, no outside play) and joey curled up in my lap.  i went to my room to watch CNN (i admit, im a totally hooked on american politics) around 3:30, to have joey follow me up and lay her head on my chest as i watched the latest trump bashing on cnn...sigh...i went to prep supper...which thanks to my AMAZING PANINI press!  (its so wonderful, i will never cook again! haha) and joey followed me...

chris came home from work, and watched joey stay very close to me.  chris and i started talking and i mentioned that the last few days joe's been really attached to me

chris said "no!  no kid of mine will act like that"
i said "but look at it this way.  i am her world. why get upset because she needs her world?" i dont mind. its my "job"

chris stopped eating (his awesome panini sandwich. hahahah)  and said "you' re right" (shock! ha)  "whats the problem?"

joey only needs me now, for this short season.  something in her, this stage of life, is calling her heart to her mom.  and i am so grateful, so happy that my hubby respects this and encourages me to be home, to be there for my kids

my kids wont always need me or want me

i remember, so clearly, how much i wanted to be home with my mom and dad.  i told nate  a few weeks back about the many stories of my parents coming and picking me up from sleep overs....after 11, dad, you might not remember. but i do.  i remember knowing this. right up! that no matter what, no matter when, no matter how.  i can ALWAYS call and you will be there for me

and that security, that love i cherish so much and i hope to pass on to my kids

so. no matter how long the day feels
how much i need to get done
how much school is calling
the most important thing is greater love than anyone, who gives up his life for their friend...this week nate and i have been talking about the greatest gift anyone can give, their life.  jesus.  its all about him

so, on a stormy tuesday night, after i tucked my 2 girls in with a story, hugs and kisses.  i watch nate get ready to spend some time with his dad in the shop, i am reminded that these early years pass my so quickly.  i need more patience.  i ask you jesus for more wisdom to raise these amazing kids....

it's my job. and i think joey being the last is the perfect gift to remind me of how much i need jesus

Jn 15:5


snow! a gift! date night!

 we have been BLESSED this yr with NO snow!!!!  the little snow we did have all but melted away last monday, but then tues brought a tiny dusting of snow so i bundled the kidlets up and we went out to play...during "school" hrs...haha

i love how joey was so into listening to nate describe the snow to her
 i went to the front to shovel the drive way of the 1" of snow that fell (my idea of exercise) and heard ellie yelling "mom! she is SO heavy!" i came around the corner to find this.  ellie put joey in the sled and pulled her up the hill!
 great job ellie!
 joey sat there and smiled the whole time
 ellie really enjoys being the big sister
 after the girls were too cold, i went inside.  i looked out the window and saw this.  nate went across the street to shovel the snow for the ladies driveway. he came back and told me that he saw her shoveling and felt in his heart to go shovel her driveway for her.  for free.  he told me that she was so happy he helped her.  i was so proud of him!
 so, chris surprised me the other day by this bad boy!  i admit i cant cook! i HATE cooking BUT i can make mean sandwich, ive always wanted a panini  press, but the price has always scared me from buying one.  chri secretly saved up his air miles and bought me one. i LOVE it! not only can you make sandwiches but you can grill anything from chicken, fish, veggies and fruit to make pancakes/toast/ eggs and sandwiches!  i love this machine!  thank you SO much chris!
 nate finally decided how to spend his christmas money....LEGO!  after consulting uncle jon on the best price nate ordered 2 lego kits and was thrilled to get the first one on friday....after 2.5 hrs he put the thing together....he was very happy. thank you nana and papa!
 friday, i bathed the girls in the morning.  i gave ellie some juice.  she sat there and sipped away.  i looked up and saw her and i said "ellie-joy. you so are so beautiful" and i snapped a pic.  i love her
 fri night chris took ellie on a daddy-ellie date.  i told her in the morning that daddy was going to take her on a date. just ellie and daddy. she was THRILLED. she then went and got her gift card that nana and papa gave her last nov, and took her daddy out to dinner.  she was so happy to spend the night with her dad. when she came home i cuddled with her and listened to her tell me all about the night, she had so much fun.  just daddy and ellie
 she even let me put a fancy bow in her hair
 and posed with her gift card for a pic
 then waited for chris to come....he was distracted by donald trump on t.v. hahaha
 per date hug
 the whole crew
 so ellie is a lot like chris, she thinks like him and constantly asks "what are we doing today" i started writing up a daily schedule for her to read and check off. she likes this....she's checking over her schedule
 and marking it off....such an eigenheer she is!  haha
 i took ellie out on sat to get groceries, we stopped at the clothing department and ellie had so much fun looking at all the new outfits and declaring "this would look good on me"
 and trying on sunglasses and ill admit, everything did look great on her!
 i found little jo like this.  she was "fixing" the stroller with a screw driver she found.  she spent an HOUR fixing the stroller...
 love her
 tweak, tweak, tweak
 me. cause i never post pics of me
 and nate. cause i love this dude!
happy sunday everyone! 3 comments


 ellie was wanting to make pictures of the oddest things, i went with it, we made mitts, socks, a jacket and a hat.  i use my back door as a display board. ha

so joeys been sick the last week, a nasty cough.  yesterday we woke her up from her nap and she was all rosy cheeked, happy and delighted to go to the bouncy castle place
 looking at big brother nate
 my little girl. no more baby and in place is a little girl
 check out her sitting pose!

joey loves the bouncy castles, they had 6 up yesterday
 trying to get a pic of the girls in their coats
 ellies happy face!
the kids are growing much too fast, at times i just want to pause and other times im just wanna fast forward. haha