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the last week!

 nate wanted help last sunday with his loose didnt work. ha but we have it on video nate's response to the whole situation...a GREAT teaching tool. haha

the tooth did fall out on its own later that night
 the kids are truly enjoying the trampoline park.  i love the social aspect for myself and the kids, i  love watching them go crazy for 2+ hrs, then come home to crash. ha.  the home school group is signed up for another 6 wks but after talking to chris, we've decided to not join in.  im hoping with the weather turning nice we can find some affordable things to do outside
 i LOVE seeing little ellie's legs jump!
 nate and his buddy were playing in the little kid's jumping pit.  it was so fun to watch them play
this boy is the oldest in his family, he's 9, then there is a boy 7, a girl 4 and another girl 2. after talking to his mom the first time she said "oh!  you are just missing a 7yr old" and i said "actually i would have had a 7 yr old!" and told her about ben.  kinda neat to find another family with kids the same age and the same sex. and yes, her daughters play with mine
 the last of nate's lego kits arrived on monday!  nate was thrilled to come home from his friends place to spend the rest of the night building lego. and he finished the kit the same night!
 thanks nana and papa!
 we had a crazy ice storm tues night. it knocked out the power for a lot off ppl in moncton and the outside areas. we had no power for 2 DAYS! it was BRUTAL!  we did score a 10 yr old used generator in dorchester wed night that gave us enough heat and kept the fridge running.  we were SO happy to put the candles and flash lights away when the power came back on thurs.  as of today, some ppl still dont have power! 

fri afternoon i took the kids to the library. i was limited on things to do with the kids bec schools and businesses were closed. so we hit up the old library for some free play. and i was able to meet with chris and drink a coffee that was warm!

joey is such a tool
 and she found her baby! hahaha
 we woke joey up yesterday morning. at 9. so she could eat
she was not impressed
 and she went back to bed shortly after. ha

joey is now called my little buppy.  she quietly follows me around the house, stopping when i stop to touch my leg, rest her head on me, then resumes following me.  quietly,  never saying anything. just always in my shadow.  chris thinks its the funniest thing to after my bunny that i had in sasky that i called buppy, this little bunny would follow me around the house, i call joey my little buppy. and as i type this her head is resting on my lap. haha

ellie came down with a little bug on fri and put herself to bed.  she finally barfed the icky up sat morning, then took a 2 HOUR nap and woke up with a smile on her face
i said "ellie!  you smiled! the first smile today!"
ellie said " its because my tummy feels better so can smile now"
 i put ellie in her new dress this morning. she is growing up so fast!
 my little ellie
 then we head joey crying to come over
 so she joined in.  im forever telling ellie that i am so glad she is such a great  big sister and joey watches and copies what she see's her big sister do

then ellie told me that she is a good sister because nate is a good brother to her,  i agree.  ellie is so blessed to have nate as her brother, he is so good to her (even when she doesnt deserve it)
 like this
after church today nate bought pizza for ellie with his kids cash.  i told the kids we could have pizza, and nate said that he wanted to pay for all of it with his kids cash money.  so he did, he bought 3 pieces of pizza and 3 pops!  i said we can all share 1 pop and nate can bring the other 2 home (thats a lot of sugar!) but nate gave one to me and one to chris!  hes a great kid!
 so thats a quick peep into our life. with the power being out and home school activities cancelled we had an off week!  i was able to read 2 books flash light. haha

and with that we start another week!