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movies and jumping

 i took nate to the movies on saturday, i insisted we get there early to get a seat.  we did. lol. the place was empty, we picked our prime seats and about 5 mins later the place filled up!  ellie was suppose to come but she was still sick, i left her on the couch all bundled up
 and came home to this
 out cold, asleep on the couch
 my sleeping princess!
 monday it was flipping COLD.  an awful -22!  we went to get air, it was joeys first time and we had the place to our self (the home school group) there was almost 200 home schoolers there!  i tried to chat up with friends, but i spent most of the time chasing joey!
 joey and ellie played together for the most part, then ellie left the toddler area to join the bigger kids.  joey was confused at first but after 10 mins she went off and played with some other kids...and kept me busy chasing after her...making sure she didnt go in the big kid area

2 workers played organized games with the older kids, its nice to see how well they play, and they even played that banned game of dodge ball! ha
 my friend lise watched joey while i was able to spend time with ellie.  joey loves lise and spent most of the time jumping with her
 so the cold turned to rain!  we had a crazy rain flow yesterday so the original plan of  having claude over to build forts in the snow turned into game day!  and everyone knows how much i LOVE board games. sigh.  i did it for the kids.  but im impressed with how little screens the kids had and how they really enjoyed playing games and lego.  the boys even let ellie play with them
 i had to keep joey on my lap while she was awake.  joey is a little fire ball, leaving a blaze of ashes when she leaves
 can you see a foot? and a hand?  this is what they did after supper.  they buried each other under piles of blankets and pillows and ellie jumped on them!
 joey just chilled, it was past her bedtime and she wanted to go to was 6:15!  haha
 little miss joey also caught a cold, she is not feeling well, which means late nights in the rocking chair and mornings of snuggles
 till she falls asleep in my arms. i dont mind at all!
 my crazy crew!
 pucker princess
and with that we made it 1/2 way through the week!!! yipee.......friday is coming!  ha

gosh i dont like cold January days!


Ursi said...

Joey sounds a lot like Maya. A force to be reckoned with. Just need to learn how to direct all that determination into a productive/positive endeavour....
I forgot to mention that on our "yes-day" we used up the Christmas presents from you guys. Went to see Sing. The girls loved it!
Thanks again!