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get air!

 yesterday was the first session for the home school group at get air in moncton.  bec the schools are out until next week (we start back to our school today) the place was PACKED. chris had the day off so i kept joey home with him so she could nap. SO glad i did! joey would have been trampled, it was SO busy...ellie was suppose to stay in the under 46" side but kept sneaking over to the big kid area. she kept up with her big brother and his crew
 practicing her spidey skills
 then she went over to the trampoline foam pit, which is for the older kids....i got a few pics of her acting

strike your pose
 off she goes
 this is the trampoline...jump!
 see her tiny head
 then nate went
 off he goes
 i love ellies face. she was so proud of her brother
this place is HUGE, and SO fun. all of nates friends were their and i was able to sit and chat with some home school moms...which is always easier when joey isnt around. ha

i was surprised by how many ppl i saw/met while there. ive been in moncton for 11 yrs now, thats a long time.  ive noticed lately that most times when i go out, i run into ppl i know.  i remember feeling like this in sackville and pei. i felt like those places are home. after yesterday and running into so many ppl i know, then later when running beginning to feel at home here in moncton.  its rare now that i dont see someone i know
 i came into the room last night and found the kids like this
nate was playing dr with them
 he gave them a full check up andclean bill of health
 he is so good with his sisters
 with nate gone last week, i noticed 2 things

1-the house was QUIET!
2-the girls play together a lot! like i was able to leave the room and get things done while they played.  i am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. having 2 under 2 in 2 yrs was exhausting, relentless and taxing.  but since i came back from my trip ive noticed that i am starting to get more me time again, the girls are getting older and play together. i sm SO glad we had the girls. SO glad we had joey, i think long term its going to be easier to have the girls so close in age...and they have built in besties!  ha
we had a great start to a new, fresh year!


Ursi said...

Hi Mel, welcome back to the routine after the Christmas break. We are taking it easy this week, but back at 'er come Monday.
Yes, having the two girls so close together is very taxing when they are little, but things are so nice now. I love when my kids get creative together in their playing. Yes, they fight (sometimes horribly so) but being able to spend every day together is definitely laying a very solid foundation for their future (and present) relationship.