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kitchen play!

 last week, i took the kids to the library (yes, i rotate libraries, they are FREE and we can get out of the house!) and they had a new kitchen! it was super cool. i was chatting to the librarian and she told me the library received a gov't grant and they bought a bunch of new toys for the play area!  awesome. anyways, joey enjoyed the kitchen and didnt miss the baby doll that she normally plays with (they got rid of it)
 joey is my little mommy. she loves to take care of her babies and puppies, cook and clean. she is super sensitive and loves to cuddle and hug

i now have a new nightly routine, after the girls have their story together i take joey to her room for some one on one cuddles and hugs. she LOVES this time. and so do i! 
 amazing kitchen! it can be yours for 300.00! yikes!  ill just keep bringing the kids to the library to play for free. hahaha
 nate took my socks, he said they were red and not pink.  he fits them. actually, i can wear most of his shoes!  these are the socks you knitted for me ursi, about 5 YRS ago!  i get about 5-7 yrs out of the socks you make for me!
 ellie was watching for daddy. chris came and joined us for a quick break. he works about a 5 min walk away
 friday we had our last mad science class, ive decided to sign nate up for the winter session because he is really enjoying the classes.  its a great place to have the class. i have a place to take the girls and okay and there is other mom's around to talk to
 on the way home i put some music on and i hear "mom!. look!" i turn around and there was joey shades on (upside down) bopping her head to the music!  i took off fri night for some ME time, and hit up sally ann. they had their annual 1.00 kids clothing, i got 20 pieces of clothes for the kids (jeans! under armour! and nike for nate!)  and a pair of jeans and a sweater for me. all for 30.00!  AWESOME!
 saturday i put joey for her nap (yes, she still naps!) i took ellie out for some one on one ellie time. she LOVES going out, always asking for MORE stores, MORE places to go and esp likes the treats i buy her ha

we were playing at the kids play area in chapters and i turn around and find this fella looking at me. ellie wanted me to have company as i watched her play. haha
its been a busy week, but its been good. i dont mind having full days...that way i dont get bored! ha