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nate's gift for me!

nate is in hali with my parents for generations.  he left me this.....hahaha! 1 comments

monday's madness!

i met chris for a coffee and we stopped at the park. chris and i were talking and nate was busy by the tree. so i asked him or rather yelled "doodle! whatcha doing?"
his reply? "just killing ants'
what a busy day!  seriously!  the morning was spent running errands and getting groceries. i  love food day! our fridge is stoked and my belly is full! 
i asked nate what he wanted to do in the afternoon, thinking it's only fair and he was very good this am. he said "go to the splash park and have a picnic lunch"
i sat on the bench and froze, it was a bit cooler than yesterday and nate got soaked!
then we had lunch. him sandwich, yop, healthy chips. me. carrots (yum!) pita bread with hummus (super YUM!) an apple and water. perfect picnic lunch
we have a free loader! but they are so cute i've decided to let them stay. we have a mama and a papa robin!!! they made this wicked nest and have 4 little (could be more can't quite count them) blue eggs!!!  i can't wait until they hatch and we have baby robins!  imagine how they would sound!  nate has been educated with the DO NOT TOUCH and the  more famous LEAVE THEM ALONE lecture and takes it very serious
i told him his job is to leave them alone, this works cause nate is very task orientated!


after church, i packed a yummio lunch and we headed off to the park for some family fun
after we ate, the boys napped
nate and i drying off from the splash pad
then a walk in the woods was had
nate on the tank!

what beautiful weather!  wanting to take full advantage of the sunny days before the baby comes, i insisted on a family day with fun. we did have fun. ha!

31 weeks and nursery!

me. this morning. 31 weeks baby!  i am up another pound but feel great!
chris and i finished the nursery yesterday, just the minor thing like hanging the black out curtain, the shelves and what not.  here she is. it's very simple and done on a budget...don;t be expecting anything special!
wonderful cross stitch on the wall as you come in, made by a dear friend  for me before i got married and has hung on the wall of both my kids!
as you come in the door. the crib, rug, curtains and rocking chair to the left
the malaria curtain. hahaha.  as i refer to it. it was a princess thing with these tassels hanging from the triangles, i cut them off and glued butterflies instead
nate trying it out. ha.
bringing home outfit. there is a story behind it. it's about 10 yrs old, i bought it when we were believing for nate, i had a boy outfit which nate wore home and dress which little miss e will wear home.  it's extra special because charlie wore it home too, i gave it to my sister for her to wear.  i wanted it to be worn not matter who's child it was. my sister gave it back last week with the flower, i plan on putting the flower on her cap while she's in the hospital, charlie also wore it.  sigh
the back of the nursery, the change table and shelves above it for her shoes. haha.  the top shelf is full of shoes...chris and i made the change table for nate 5 yrs ago....and the dresser was given to me before i was married by the same friend who made the cross stitch...the room is full of memories and such!

so there you go!  nursery is done!  7ish more weeks to go!!! 5 comments

graduation x2!

my little grad
sniff sniff
the only pic of us

weston was not pleased with the cap and gown
but he did smile before hitting the stage!

there he goes!
 nelson graduated from the 2 yr old class to the 3's!
nate the grad!
nate getting his loot!
he was given also given a flower in his grad loot bag, which he gave to me and his!
sheena and i. finally both preggo. and at the same time! 
he's wearing heels and is on a hill...i not not that short! ha!
sob sob sob
off he goes to kindergarten
then high school
then university
then he's gone!

seriously thank god we are having another baby, i am so not ready to say good bye to these yrs.  they went so fast and i enjoyed most of them.  now i get to do it again!!!

painting and the dog house

yesterday was so nice out! i took advantage of it and got so much done!  i decided to paint the shelves for the nursery, nate helped (which would explain the uneven, sloppy painted job) i rather him want to help than not at all! 
so while the shelves were drying, nate and i painted his dog house. chris built this dog house for nate way back in the winter for his puppies
silly painter child!
and that's kinda what it looked like when it was done!  i was impressed that he painted and did a good job and went out of his comfort zone of structure to just be silly and paint!  it's a very colorful dog house!
now chris has a place to stay...haha 0 comments

super hero's can be deaf!

chris sent me this story this afternoon and i love, love, love it! i had to share it!  with nate's love for super hero's and my own deafness. it's a awesome story!  enjoy!

A HEARING-impaired New Hampshire boy is now a superhero.

..Marvel Comics has created a superhero called Blue Ear in honor of Anthony Smith, a four-year-old boy from Salem, who was born with a chromosomal disorder that left him with severe hearing loss.

Anthony, who has no right ear and only partial hearing in his left, wears a blue hearing aid that has enabled him to speak and attend school.

A devoted comic book fan, he told his mother three weeks ago he was no longer wearing the device because "superheroes don't wear blue ears," WFXT-TV reported.

Alarmed by the boy's refusal, his mother, Christina D'Allesandro, emailed Marvel Comics in New York City, asking for assistance.

The comic book publisher sent D'Allesandro a picture the next day of "Hawkeye," a superhero who lost 80 percent of his hearing and wears aids. The company then sent an image of its newest creation, a character called "Blue Ear," who it said was named after the boy, according to the station.

"It's amazing," D'Allesandro said of the company's response. She said her son brought the comic book pictures to his pre-school, which prompted teachers to hold a superhero week.


oh the things i learn!

my own super hero!
so. nate is big into super hero's.  i am sure the comics in chris's office sparked the interest.  nate wants to learn how to read so he can read the comic books, which is funny cause they are written in swiss. ha. the books are from chris's childhood.  anyways.  i find myself spending a lot of time looking up super hero's...thank goodness for google!
so far i am educated with x-men, spider man, superman, hulk, cyclops, iron man and many more...i don't let him watch the shows yet. he's too young for that but books, stickers are a good incentive to reading don't ya think?

we were at walmart the other day and nate found this above toy mask and gloves. he wanted them so bad! so i told him i would go look the price up, the gloves were 20. nopers. not paying 20 for those!  the mask way only 9 so i told him that he had enough money in his bank from nana and papa that he could buy them.
he thought about it for a minute
then said 'no, i'll put them back. i will give the money to julio (sp?)  so he can buy toys'
my heart!
then nate put them back, took my hand and walked out of the store!

yesterday after his LAST DAY OF PRESCHOOL!!!!!  nate was quiet, too quiet. so i looked around and saw this. hahahaha. he covered his mouth with super hero stickers!  silly kid!

last week i bought him a pad of stickers of super hero's and left them out for his snack (yes, i leave a snack every morning for nate, sometimes a note)  he was SO freaked out and excited that he ran up and woke us both up to show us his gife. lesson learnt and understood! NEVER leave a gift out...haha i love sleep!

yesterday nate walked up to me and said 'mom, your belly is now bigger than mine and daddy's'
i said 'thanks dude'
then he said 'your butt is way bigger too'

it's true...ha! 0 comments

wk 30!

i am now in my 30's! haha. can't get over how SLOW this pregnancy is going. ha!

i can honestly say, that things are going well. we've hit some rough spots, we've been scared to pieces, spent many nights tossing and turning.  why? fear and torment.  tormenting thoughts, fear of losing the baby. guilt of babies we've lost. torment that it was all my fault.  lies!  last week i realised that it was over a week that i had had a nightmare, sleeplessness or fear. i realised it was about that time that chris one night, when i was asleep, went through the house and prayed over me and nate.  removing fear and torment.  i can honestly say i have had not one second of fear since!

pregnancy stuff!- i was away for the wkend so i didn't weigh myself...but i am guessing about 25-28 pounds in total?  not sure.  this baby is big, way bigger than nate!  i out grew most of all my nate preggo clothes and had to get some more larger things to fit. ha. she is laying very low... i pee a lot. i've taken to reading novels on the throne. ha

food. no cravings. most days i am just not hungry, my stomach is smaller than before so a snack like an apple fills me...for about an hour...then i eat another small meal. no real cravings thou. which i suppose is good....oh wait. orange jucie! which i HATE! up to last week that is, now i must have a glass every morning before breaky. love it now! and oranges, those huge, juicy oranges....yum!

i can tell i am older this time around. ha. like 5 yrs older! i am WAY tired and find it frustrating to deal with. i stopped working out completely. other than a social walk once a week with a friend, i do nothing and feel NO guilt for it. i can work out after the baby. or not.  ha.  my back is sore and the leg cramps are kicking in but it's worth it! 

i am starting the signs of preeclampsia.  blurry vision, dots, swelling and pain in the rib area.  not worried thou!

nursery!  it's almost done! i picked up the last few things in hali this wkend and hope to have it done this week. i am so proud of how CHEAP i did it for! ha.  pic's to follow!  thanks tm charlie and friends this girls has WAY to much clothing!  the only thing i don;t have is receiving blankets or soft blankets!  weird eh?!  i will pick those up soon...oh and diapers....must start a stock pile on those...ha!

most nights after i put nate to bed, i go into the nursery to sit and relax.  8ish weeks she will be here!  wheeeeee!

this morning we headed off to the hali waterfront for some fun and adventures. we took the kids on the harbour hopper or how quinn says it the "hobber hopper"
charlie and her mama
shot form the way back down from citadel hill. this tour was well worth the money and i totally recommend it to anyone to go! 
nate and i. he snuggles with me for most of the voyage!
view of the hali waterfront from the water part of the hopper
group shot! minus the adult women folk
on the way home we made a pit stop (for me to pee!) in stewiack and visited the mastodon ridge
3 wild animals
seriously does he never stop running? the energy! i tire from watching him!
chris found a rock that he turned into a tablet. he wrote my name, so sweet. then he ruined it with this redic math talk....what does it say? what does it mean? who knows....he's such a geek!

and with that! we are HOME! i do love coming home, nothing like it!

hope you's all had a wonderful long weekend! and back to real life!

long wkend in hali

we went to hali for my last pre baby visit...we had a great time! did a lot! shopped some and got pampered a little!
chris and charlie girl
charlie girl! adorableness!
typical morning snuggle.  daddy and son style. the last morning that we will sleep in my old room. sigh...!
for those who don't know, my parents sold their house in hali, the one i lived in before i got hitched, and are moving into my sister's new house that is being built. so it was my last time in my old house too!
we took the boys to this FAB play place in hali. i wished i took more pics. i LOVE this place! there was a cafe, restaurant with HEALTHY!!! food and a huge play structure. the boys did not stop once we hit the doors! it was crazy fun!
playing on another play structure. i left them shortly after this, i got my shopping on ;)
sunday afternoon we hit peggy's cove. i love this place!
nate running for nan, papa and quinn!
the boys hanging by the rocks. it was such a gorgeous day!
hanging on another rock
i was there with mom too
rocking the rocks
c and i and baby girl eig
again, us
playing hide and go seek. can you find him? haha
adorable cuteness!
life loving boy!
deep thoughts. alone on a rock
the view from a 4 yr old
up to no good!
running over the rocks. hand in hand!