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 we had a rather low keyed week, i spent most of it cleaning, and doing endless loads of laundry, some party planning and getting caught up in life.  the kids played, swam, played, cried, annoyed me and were bored. ha.  i spent time with ellie on helping her over come some of her "behavioral issues"  like lying, being mean to joey and being loud. ha. 

nate dressed himself. silly kid

mon-wed ellie was not feeling well.  she was burning a fever and spent 2 days on the couch
 nate tucked her in
 peek a boo my little boo
 by thurs she was back to herself. i ran upstairs to grab the bathing suits for the girls and found her like this. hahaha
 shes a great little cleaner
 raise them up!
 we hit up a few parks too. the weather has been really nice, so we spend a lot of time outside
 ellie was playing hop scotch!
 wed we went to the library, it was brutally hot out.  so i found a spot under the a/c and sat back to watch the girls play

then we went back home to swim. you know its hot out when i go swimming too!
 joey has a new trick. she has asked me a dozen times to go pee, i put her on yesterday to see what will happen. guess what? she peed! im not ready to train her im still gonna stick with my plan to wait and train her....unless she comes to me and asks in the mindset that i train hard core, no more diapers...just underwares and i am not wanting to give 100% to the training process at this time.  i need to prepare myself for the patience and willing to clean up all the messes. haha  but this morning joey asked to pee again....i did put her on but i am not sure of she did pee....who knows....but ellie was quite taken with the whole cheering on job of the big sister!
 its rainy and icky out so we spent time working on party decorations. this was NATES idea! and a great one at that
 ellie helper pants
 working together to get the job done!
all i can say is tank you jesus that today is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1   chris is home tomorrow and i can get a break from the demands of mommyhood!!!!!!

happy friday everyone 3 comments

trip part !

 we left for ontario bright and early sunday morning.  we planned on staying in ottawa, but bec we made such great time, we decided to drive on to cornwall and stop at a ho jo....that was ummmmm needing some help.....the room was quite bad, but we stayed the night and sucked it up. i tried to pretend i was camping to make myself feel better....haha
 joey napped some of the drive!
 ellie watched movies
 nate too!

monday around 2 we made it to the farm in ontario!  this is muetti and vati's back yard!
 we hit up some of the trails that are in the back yard!!!!  and of course joey wore her "joey boots!"
 more back yard pics!
 going for another walk
 hearing the birds singing
 on one of my trips to town i found this guy parked beside me. ha. we were in amish country
 muetti got a mini pool for the girls to splash around in
 ellie swinging on the ginormous swing!
 joey! wet and wearing her boots! ha
 no worries, its just nate. ha
 joey pushing her birthday gift. i love this stroller, SO cute! 


our tree! pt 2!

 the ontario weather caused joey to get the same curls are ellie!  awe, i love me some curls
 nate beside the johana bridge.  ellie saw the bridge and then created her own ellie and nate bridge down by the wild coffee. now all we need is a sign to go along with it
 more farm scenery
 my boy!
 taking a walk with his mama
 the men relaxing after working on the wild coffee house
 chris and i took the kids to our tree. the one we got engaged under. we had all the kids walk in the sweltering heat for 15 mins to get there
 joey on the run
 ellie peeking at the river
 nate leading the troops
 joey having a peek
 hitching a ride with dad
 the tree from the bridge
 having a science lesson on wheat. haha
 daddy leading the way after a lesson on how to walk in farmers fields
 there's the tree!
 ellie made a fort
 joey walked around
 beautiful ellie
 who would have thought i'd bring 2 more girls to visit the tree. the last time we were there nate was 4 and an only child. SOOOOO grateful to have had the girls!


 my kids!
 i was there too. haha
 ellie then played in the dirt. cause thats what you do when you see dirt!
 nate made a fort
 joey ate dirt
its always nice to visit the place that started it all.  who would have thought 13 yrs later....we have come so far....i cant wait to revisit in the yrs to come 0 comments