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part 8

 tuesday i took the older 2 kids back to the splash pad.  they spent 2 HOURS playing at this park! 
 i love them
 seriously!  nate is such a great brother
 my kids
 when we got home, we packed up and headed to the beach for more fun!  nana and papa plumps joined us too
 the wind was crazy, which made amazing waves.  chris and nate spent 2 hrs or so in the water
 joey went in too
 then played with the water and sand
 chris in the water with the kids
 ellie sitting in a bucket of water
 joey chilling
 and chilling
 and chilled
 beach baby
 i found joey like this. so cute
 baker girl
 she is growing way too fast
 nate helped nana plumps bake bread