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canada day!

 we spent the morning and md afternoon like this.  the water was SO warm. at 27!  nate and i floated.  ellie played, chris cut the lawn because "work must be done" hahaha  i had him get off the tractor to get me a beer for the pool time. haha

after it cooled down a bit, late afternoon we took the kids to the canada day festivities on the water front.  they had a blast.  ellie jumped in all the castles, nate did a mega water slide but joey was hot and tired and chose to sit in her seat
 ellie joy and nate, my amazing son
 he is growing into a fine (serious, focused and always thinking) young boy
 joey!  chilling!
 nate came back to hang out with joey.  he is such a great brother. that is one thing i am SO grateful for.  the way he loves and treats his sisters
 can you get any cooler?
 my kids!
 then we came home to make our own water slide. chris is so creative and loves to make fun things for the kids to do.  i lack the man power to do these things, but he does it! 
 joey even took a turn
 but really loved the water coming out of the hose
 see! fun! water out of a hose!
 ellie's turn
 more water!
 last night, we put ellie to bed around 7 and woke her up at 9:30 to take the older 2 to the fire works. ellie was so excited to be included with chris and nate. i stayed home with joey
 heading out after bug spray and instructions to not lick their fingers. haha  ellie had so much fun, since disney and their fire works she asks almost daily to go back to disney and see the fire works....ummmm sure! im right on that! haha