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park, part 7!

 we found an awesome splash pad and park and took the girls to it on monday.  nate was able to spend the day with his friend adam who now lives in ontario but use to live on our street.
 ellie was showing me her spins. i love this little lady so much, shes fun to have around
 joey pants. such a stinker
 life is to be spent laughing!
 ellie and i went on a walk together
 love her
 wild coffee house
 ellie leading the way
 imagine having this in your back yard!
 poke, poke
 head up ellie girl. your future is filled with great things
 then nana plumps took the girls for a ride
 joey and her boots. haha
 group shot
 water play. whats more fun than water play?!  well climbing into the water bowl and soaking yourself!
 such zest for life
 more water play
 nate and adam!  together for the day!