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the long ride home. part 12

 we left ursi's house fri morning at 7.  joey lasted about 30 mins before she crashed. we planned to drive to montreal, go to ikea and crash at our hotel for the night

but after ikea, we decided to call the hotel and check on reservation. and found out they LOST it!  and there was a convention in town, so the chance of us finding a hotel was chris and i decided to drive 18 hrs and go home.  which landed us home at 3 AM!  the kids were so good in the car and chris and i stayed awake by talking to each other, so that was nice!
 joey was so tired
 baby toes!
 ellie. a very tired ellie
 we went to ikea. dropped e and n off in the kids play area and went shopping with joey. who tried to sleep the whole time!
 she was so tired
 after a super cheap and yum lunch, we let the girls play while i hit the check outs. i spent less money than the cost of our nonexistent hotel room
 and before we left monteal both girls were out
 for the count
 last night, joey climbed into her stroller and yelled "HELP! HELP MAMA!"
 silly joey!
it was a super awesome trip. we all had a great time. but i have to say, there is no place like home!!!!