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part 5 beach day with the wilsons

 sat everyone but ursi, joey and i went to the beach around 11, which allowed ursi and i to talk and catch up alone with out the kids. we sat on the beautiful balcony, colored and talked. so relaxing!  when joey woke up from her 3 hr nap we met up with the crew at the beach
 nate and maya
 maya the monkey! she reminds me of joey!
 ellie and maya
 joey droopy diaper!
 around 4, everyone but my fam left to go back to the farm.  we stayed back for another 1.5 hrs.  it was nice to have that time with the kids
 ellie watermellon!
 beautiful eliana
 nate asked this group of teens if he could join in and build something, they said sure and he spent a good 20 mins with them
 some of what he created
 there was helicopters flying around, then we figured out what they were doing!  they were practicing rescues! so fun to watch!
 i was there too!
 ellie bug!
 5 mins after we left the beach, she was out cold