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rain, books and life

 my last book order arrived. ok, there was say 2 school books, 2 book club books and the rest for ME!  but i love me some books!

the rain came back last week, and after having the time outside, and knowing what the kids were missing....they kept busy making ships, rockets and what ever out of the box.  and there was a big mess to clean up after. ha
 then nate made lunch for us. at 10 am. he was a bit restless. so i put him to work helping me out in the house. he is such a task/list person!
 after the rain cleared, nate decided to slide off some wood he found and see what would happen to him. i let him.  i figured hed be ok. haha
 i turned the lesson into a science talk about what does he think will happen once he hits the bottom. will the pile of air pillows stay and hold him? 
 climbing over
 and jumping off
 he loved it. ellie asked to go next, i said no. no flipping way
 chris and i spent this week, each evening watching our fav show (suits) together.  its NOT kid friendly.  at all. but we didnt want to send nate away, nate's tablet time has been cut back to almost nothing.  chris and i made the choice to limit his screens to 30 min a day.  that opens up his evenings to bug us more....haha  so anyway. not wanting to banish him to the basement. we got him to wear chris's shop muffs, they block out almost all sound. and he was free to sitt be with us while we watched our show.....chris and i proudly finised season 4 and 5 last and this week. hahaha
 thurs night i had book club.  after i put ellie to bed i found this on my toilet down stairs. she took the paw patrol (that i took from charlies party, cut and laminated it) and put it on ellie's bed. she put it on the toilet to "make the toilet pretty for my party" hahahaha