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hali part 2!

 wed crystal took the afternoon off and we went to the beach with the kids, normally i loath the beach BUT wed is was over cast and "cold" so i was able to sit and watch the kids with out baking in the heat. it was truly an enjoyable afternoon....we even made the kids carry their own weight. hahaha
 our 4 blessings. joey stayed with nana and papa :)
 my loves
 charlie and ellie. best buds
 big brother and ellie-joy
 the little lady bug and charlie
 my boy!
 the 4 cousins
 my super hot sis and ellie-joy
 sooooo........cry wasnt "off" the afternoon....she took about 12 dozen WORK calls!!!! at the  BEACH! 
 at the end of a long, hard, dirty afternoon!
 so thankful for family
 hahahaha. i was putting the kids to bed and they all took off. i then i found the kids like this. hahaha. my girls were watching a show put on by quinn and nate. love it
 they were having such a great time
 thurs afternoon it was cold and raining. so mom and i took the kids to the movies. we saw finding dory
 me and my bud. im SO proud of my son
 thurs we hit up the hot dog/pop/ chip/candy night
 love them!
 fri we headed home.  about 40 mins into the drive ellie told me "mama, im going to sleep." and she did for 2 hrs. she woke up when i pulled onto our street1
 sleeping beauty
and thats a wrap for dbvs 2016!  i survived the week to tell the story!  chris had a WONDERFUL time home, ALONE! hahaha