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christmas part 1

 last wed, mom and dad came up to join us for christmas.  the plan was for mom and dad to have Christmas with us, it had been awhile since they were with us for Christmas morning, i think maybe 5 yrs?  cry and shawn spent christmas at their place, the first time in 8? yrs shawn was home christmas morning!  they joined us on boxing allow cry to go boxing day shopping with me...but a stupid storm came and shopping wasnt that great but i did score a few things for the house and i most IMPORTANT i got to spend time with cry with NO kids! 

back to the pic above, as soon as jo jo saw nana she was taken, so basically was nana's side kick the whole visit. choosing nana over me! 
 dad brought a trike for jo jo, the older 2 tested it out
 jo went walking after them
 christmas eve we went to church and snagged a few pics before we left
ellie wanted to wear papa's hat to church. haha
 my the rents with my kids
 i joined in....lesson learned, dont sit against a couch arm, it sprays your body out and you look huge! haha
 group shot
 before bed sillies
 love my girl


part 2

 nate was such a trooper christmas morning!  he got up and waited until 8:30 for his sisters to wake up...ok i admit, i woke jo up...but nate had such a great attitude about waiting LONGER...ha
 jo was not impressed to be woken for this! haha

we had a great little helper who assisted everyone in opening gifts. thanks ellie!  we needed your help!
 nate was wild about getting his new mind craft video game. he begged me for the last 3 months for took me that long to get it!  it was in such demand
 silly ellie and her trike, pooh hitched a ride
 with all the gifts around, ellie was into the bubble wrap
 nate opening his gift from nana and papa plumps....the calendar is hung on the main wall, he put it there himself and loves it!
 jo with her cat which she kisses and barks at
 ellie my ellie joy
 little jo wearing her finery from ursi (beyond adorable) and playing with ellie's tea set. which she has not stopped playing with. i know the gift is for ellie but jo has claimed it for herself
 stirring and stirring
 more stirring
its so cute to watch her walk around the house stirring and saying "mmmmmmm" 0 comments

part 3

 working on nates 2nd fav gift. a lego kit!  i asked him what his top gifts were and he said
1-mind craft video game
2-lego kit
3-all his books!
and that would sum my boy up. video games, lego and reading!

it was SO hot christmas day, i opened the patio door!  jo saw it and booted towards it. fun to sit outside and play ball on the patio
 the only pic i have of dad and jo
 helping with the christmas dinner on boxing day
 yep. real helpers they are
 jo rocked her elmo...or rather ellies elmo
 dinner! the girls cheered with out us saying a word. so cute
 i love how they get along.  when ellie was having a hard time going to bed that night, i found charlie in her bed with her telling her "that everything was going to be ok, sleep is good and she has all her stuffies"  such a little mother charlie is



 boxing day evening. i slept in the playroom with the boys. they decided to dress up with ellies new play dresses and ripped them!  but they had a blast. boys are such boys! 

we did devotions together. i choose the verse prov 12:1
quinn got a hoot out of that verse and the word stupid is in the bible. haha
 i tested the ninja hat out
 the storm had cry, shawn and charlie going home early. but quinn stayed over night. so fun!!!  i had a blast with the kids. 
 we did some painting and they did so great!
 totally into it
some of their work
 it was still snowing, so after i out the girls to bed i took the boys for a walk
 dbl trouble!
then we came home, watched a movie (ant boy! such a boy movie!) had pop corn and went to bed

mom and dad left yesterday and took the boys home with them.  i spent the day, and i mean the DAY cleaning, taking down the tree,laundry and bathing the girls/cleaning and more cleaning!  i still have a lot more to do but i see the light at the end....

and with that. christmas is OVER!


late night snow

 johana woke up and wanted to spend sometime with me last night. i got her up and i decided to bundle her up and go for a walk with nate and chris....while ellie slept....the snow was falling, the fluffy, thick kind. it was so quiet and peaceful out. ideal for a moment to create a memory...while ellie slept. haha
 we didnt go far, cause ellie was in the house but we did walk around the different is it after your first? hahaha. 
 johana loved the snow and i walked with nate
 grateful for my life
 today, while jo napped i had the other 2 kids outside. for 2 HOURS. my fantastic neighbor was home so we chatted and caught up on life while the kids played. so nice to have another adult around. i miss hwe now that she's back to work!
 nate shoveled and ellie played with her bike....and now to get ready for christmas.....



 it was so nice out yesterday, i took the kids out for over an HOUR. this is huge for me, cause i dont like the cold, but i ended up having fun!
 we carried some snow then i brought the soccer ball out
 i had each kid at a garage door, and i would try to score on each of them. they had a good time and it ws nice to just get outside
 jo watched from her chair. ha
 then we did some snow playing. jo had so much fun and it was adorable to watch her little tale move around with her
 sister secrets sharing
 we did some sledding
 jo too
 jo and nate
 and some swinging
 chris wants me to cut bangs for jo, im not so sure.....
 adorable little joey jo
 ellie sliding on her ice rink. ha