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christmas part 1

 last wed, mom and dad came up to join us for christmas.  the plan was for mom and dad to have Christmas with us, it had been awhile since they were with us for Christmas morning, i think maybe 5 yrs?  cry and shawn spent christmas at their place, the first time in 8? yrs shawn was home christmas morning!  they joined us on boxing allow cry to go boxing day shopping with me...but a stupid storm came and shopping wasnt that great but i did score a few things for the house and i most IMPORTANT i got to spend time with cry with NO kids! 

back to the pic above, as soon as jo jo saw nana she was taken, so basically was nana's side kick the whole visit. choosing nana over me! 
 dad brought a trike for jo jo, the older 2 tested it out
 jo went walking after them
 christmas eve we went to church and snagged a few pics before we left
ellie wanted to wear papa's hat to church. haha
 my the rents with my kids
 i joined in....lesson learned, dont sit against a couch arm, it sprays your body out and you look huge! haha
 group shot
 before bed sillies
 love my girl


Ursi said...

Thank you for sharing your Christms with us via blog! Let me know if the girls like wearing my socks. I have lots of left over yarn that only make little socks.