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christmas has arrived!

our swiss santa bags arrived. so fun.  our parcel delivery dude, whom my dad knows, haha arrived this am with the box.  he looked at me and said " your box of nuts are here" haha  he's been delivering them to us for 8 yrs now!

chris opened the box, while ellie played under jo's chair
johana elizabeth's bag!  SO excited to see her own bag.  for real, this is a big deal for me
she loved the different textures on the bag, esp the fur
my own bag. its only 13 yrs old!  imagine, me and chris making it for 13 YRS and we still love each other.  i truly love chris. he's awesome
ellie and her bag!
nate and his
chris and his 40 YR old bag!
i saw this and thought "thank you god for all  you have done. from sorrow to joy" 
we feasted!
chris busted me from taking from ellie's pile. hahaha this would be my annual 10 pd holiday weight....cough.....
we love this tradition. so fun!
are we the only ones that love this tradition????


wk-eigenheer said...

Thanks for the pictures and to let me be a bit with you! ENJOY !!!!!
Friday we be at Mark's for Samichlaeusle .( The rest of the Canadien Eigenheers ).

Ursi said...

Mel, my girls LOVE Samichlaus as well. This year they specifically asked to celebrate at Uncle Marc's house- like we used to when we lived closer. I'm glad you enjoy this Swiss tradition!

mel said...

i will always remember the time we met at marc's....ursi wasnt able to make it....cause she was in labor with katie! i should find those pics.....good times.....good memories....