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life stuff

 sun night, i took nate for a walk to see the christmas lights in the neighbourhood. it was a great time to listen to him chat.  at the end of the walk i walked him right into the shop. with chris.  to answer his MANY questions about life....he came out and wrote out what he thinks......not too bad for an 8 yr old.

the note says

no start, no end
just like god
no mind can figure it out
it is mindless

meanwhile ellie ate the last short bread cookie. hahaha
 this is my little jo. what a monkey. she wakes up with a smile. an 1/2 naked. this is how i found her on tues morning
 shirt 1/2 off
 hair over her eyes, shaking the rails and saying "MAMA MAMA!"
 my little jo. i love you and your monkey ways
 ellie was making coffee and cupcakes for jo
 jo found them very good!
and that is a quick peek into our life!


Jonathan said...

lol what a lil hot mess :) too cute