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 while the family gathered for our festive samichlaus at marc's place way back in 2007.....ursi was not able to join us....why? she was having a baby!  katie joined us later that night and we went to visit her in the hospital, but i dont have any pics of that....because way back in 2007 i didnt have a camera and chris was the photo sorry about that ursi! 
 but we cracked our nuts and ate and celebrated together
that's sara and nate
 chris and rudi with danae
 so much has changed hu!
 more aunty sara hugs
 danae chowed down. haha
 cousins waiting to go see baby katie, or rather the cousins in the waiting room, they weren't allowed in to see katie so danae and nate just chilled

 i think you guys were making cards? or something? 
 more christmas fun
 baby katie, i think she was 5 days old here?  obviously, i grabbed the camera. hahaha
 uncle chris and katie
 so tiny!!!
 family time
 nate under the tree
 daddy and katie
 the ottoman  that we turned into a baby cell....remember? ha too funny
 it kept the kids contained while we....had coffee of course! we are swiss you know!
and this is my only swiss smichlaus with you guys.  and now we have, what, 4 more kids to join the party!


Ursi said...

Thank you for sharing those pictures, and I'm so glad that you could share in at least one Family Samichlaus.
We had a good time this year at Marc's! It was cozy, and we all had fun!