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 nate loves veggie and fruit.  between him and me we go through 50.00 a week EASY on produce.  every other day, nate gets out his cutting board, while i read the paper and he cops his veggies.  he eats them raw and LOVES them!  i think its a hoot.  i mean, what kid cute their OWN raw veggies and WANTS to eat them?  due to the REDIC grocery costs, i have to limit his daily produce intake

last yr, i scored a felt nativity scene from micheals for 4.00. i put it up this yr. high enough for ellie need a chair but most imp OUT of johana's reach! ha

we set it up on monday
 ellie was completely into it
 johana was over it and wanted a nap
 then she went to the blocks. she plays with them all the time
 complete scene, the nativity according to the east coast eig's!