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part 3

 working on nates 2nd fav gift. a lego kit!  i asked him what his top gifts were and he said
1-mind craft video game
2-lego kit
3-all his books!
and that would sum my boy up. video games, lego and reading!

it was SO hot christmas day, i opened the patio door!  jo saw it and booted towards it. fun to sit outside and play ball on the patio
 the only pic i have of dad and jo
 helping with the christmas dinner on boxing day
 yep. real helpers they are
 jo rocked her elmo...or rather ellies elmo
 dinner! the girls cheered with out us saying a word. so cute
 i love how they get along.  when ellie was having a hard time going to bed that night, i found charlie in her bed with her telling her "that everything was going to be ok, sleep is good and she has all her stuffies"  such a little mother charlie is