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oh nate!

 i was like, dude, what are you doing???? then i clued in.  nate took out 5 boxes of the same frozen snack (the horror i know, i figure the veggies cancel out the crap!)  and weighed them all....he is so much like his dad that i knew what he was doing...
 he was weighing and recording the weight of each box, to figure out which one has the most. hahaha

last night, i had the best treat ever and was once again reminded how awesome my hubby is...i had a 1 hr, no talking massage.....ahhhhhhh it was divine
 then i woke up to this
ellie stop picking your nose!
just keeping it all real!
 my turkey
ellie funny- this morning, we read a book about animals and i said to ellie " jo jo is my monkey, you are my turkey...what is nathaniel?"
she promptly replied "a cow
hahaha nate the cow!
 johana joined me in my morning ritual of reading the paper. i swear it's therapeutic. just reading the paper!  jo got to the flyers and she said "oh! wow!"
 studying the flyer's
 showing me the deals
 wearing the deals?
 so over the deals
 ohhh look a toy!
 foot on the table jo
love this baby jo jo!