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late night snow

 johana woke up and wanted to spend sometime with me last night. i got her up and i decided to bundle her up and go for a walk with nate and chris....while ellie slept....the snow was falling, the fluffy, thick kind. it was so quiet and peaceful out. ideal for a moment to create a memory...while ellie slept. haha
 we didnt go far, cause ellie was in the house but we did walk around the different is it after your first? hahaha. 
 johana loved the snow and i walked with nate
 grateful for my life
 today, while jo napped i had the other 2 kids outside. for 2 HOURS. my fantastic neighbor was home so we chatted and caught up on life while the kids played. so nice to have another adult around. i miss hwe now that she's back to work!
 nate shoveled and ellie played with her bike....and now to get ready for christmas.....


Ursi said...

Looks like fun! We have NO snow, and the grass is green. Forecast for Christmas Eve is 13 degrees!!!! Maybe we'll get snow for New Years.

mel said...

i hear you guys got snow now! bawahhhh

so do we....but i dont mind the next 3 months of snow and storms, a GREAT excuse to stay inside and get some home projects done!