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happy birthday ben!

today is your 4th birthday!  i had the privilege and joy of holding, singing, loving and crying over  you 4 yrs ago today!  you came into our lives and changed me for ever.  you changed our family.  i laid awake the other night, thinking of you. imagining how our home would be with you in it today, would you be close to nate and elllie ? would you enjoy sharing your bedroom with your big brother?  you would have started pr k this fall, sitting along side your brother for your studies, running along side of him at gym, or would you be like your sister and like music? i dont have the answers to these silly questions right now, but one day i will!  i can't wait to see you again and discover the little boy god created you to be

you my son are so loved. so missed and never, ever forgotten.  we love you ben.  i can not wait to see you again!



 monday morning NATE!! helped me carry the boxes up and we decorated while ellie napped.  seriously, nate was such a help!  he put all the ball holder on himself and decorated 60% of the tree.  we stuck with plastic balls this yr, i think ill keep my good glass balls in hiding for another 5 yrs or so...

anyways, it was fun to share this with him.  he was so into it and then carried the boxes down stairs for me and ran the vacuum because and i quote "every boy need to know how to run a vacuum you know" haha
 i took bens sock out and placed it on the fire place. i bawled.  he is and always be a part of our family.  he's my baby boy, hanging out with jesus right now

i did have to move the car to the wreath. i have 2 sets of sticky fingers around here :)
 advent!  a few weeks back i made a set for my canadian nieces and quinn :) hope you guys got them.  i finally finished nate's up yesterday.

each little bag has a candy, a christmas poem, joke, story etc, and a sticker for the count down tree (nate came up with that idea!)
 we stuck them on to card stock
 and voila!  advent in a bag!

i had to take a pic of nate's attitude calender.  seriously, this was the best idea ever!  so yeah, he's basically excellent during school.....notice i said school....hahaha
 we hung nate's advent beside quinn's pic on the b. board
 my little doll.  seriously. this child is such a joy to have!
 i was looking for her earlier. she was way too quiet and playing alone so i went in search of her. no worries! she was playing behind the couch. alone. in quiet, with her 2 dolls and a book
 my dolly with her doll. which is funny cause it's not her doll,  it's nates. she only has 1 doll
there! i am getting back on the blog to remember to bring and take pics outside the house! hahaha 2 comments

week in review

 i did a few activities with last last week, with the weather turning colder brrrr outside education is over. ha i loathe being cold!

anyways.  i made a simple puzzle for him, i did the prep the night before and gave him the puzzle to work on
 he took a phone call from nana in between
 and by lunch time he finished. tada.  took me 5 mins to make, took him 45  mins to finish.  score one for me!

with the weather turning cold and the playroom being colder than the rest of the house (less insulation and its over the garage)  nate asked to do school down stairs

so we did. and guess what? it worked SO well
 my little scholar
 fr morning was insanity around here.  i was running late and yelled to nate to get ready to go (we had science) i came in the room to this
 nate was putting on ellie's shoes.  sigh
 we finally got a globe!!!!  ive been using a cheap 3.00 plastic one from the dollarstore, that has been glued back together a few times and has wrong info on it. hahaha.  toys are u had this one on sale for 25 so i snapped it up. our geography lessons are going well!
 QUINN!  nate and i finally made the craft you gave us for nates birthday. ha
thank you!
i hope this week is not as busy as last week. as i sit here and type i am  listening to my kids play nicely, my phone is buzzing, my inbox is clicking away and i wonder if this week will be even busier? haha

happy monday everyone and i hope to blog  more regular! 0 comments

living life!

 ellie in her detective coat from charlie! love it!
 nate took a roll of tape and told me he needed it for a project, a project i would like
 he taped his mouth shut. hahaha. i totally laughed!
 we did some coloring this am
 and some snowflake creating for our windows

and nate enjoyed a cup of chai latte for a treat

now on to the book studies and gym class...which i think i enjoy more than him.....haha.

happy hump day! 2 comments

silly times!

 a new way to sook on your sookie when watching bookaboo!

ive been teaching ellie some new silly moves. she can now, high 5, low 5, praise the lord, peek a boo and give sloppy kisses!

this is praise the lord!
 peek a boo!
 silly girl
 i sat her on my lap yesterday and straightened her hair while i did mine. it looks like a bob. so cute! but we've both decided we like her curly, curls best
 my kids this morning
 praise the lord!
 so we all did!
 me, self shot this am. i've decided a hair cut is in order. it's been a yr you know. haha
 the playroom dvd broke, so the boys took it a part....they then hauled the electronic keyboard out to play with the wires....sigh. my little scholars!
and the wkend is almost over. sigh.  1 comments

our little drummer gal!

 this is ellie's 2nd time on the drums. i think we may have a drummer on our hands! 0 comments

painting the beat. haha

 yesterday am, we spent some time discovering how many colors you could create from just using the primary colors.
 he also painted some pictures with the colors. i think he enjoyed this artsy project. normally, he loathes craft anything
 ellie sat with us and played with her markers. i love color wonder markers
 and sang away
 then got bored and threw them on the floor. which i then put her down and she spent another 15 minutes throwing them around the floor. haha

lunch time! my baby is growing so fast. she wants to feed herself now!
 and goes a great job at it
 silly, monkey girl!
 her table pose. foot up. no sock. haha
 i busted out the lego for nate so save my sanity until chris got home....
 ellie shoe!
 i love her!
 the boys and their new hobby
yes, they are electric, yes there is a headset
 little drummer boy

and it's off to another day!