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In light of the raging blizzard, 3 kids, little sleep and a headache I choose to be thankful…

I am so thankful for…


fresh bathed babies

My bed and pillow, comfort at it’s finest

Kids who obey and bring me stuff I want when Im too lazy to get off the couch

Kids who can empty the dish washer

Kids who can vacuum

Kids who get along

Disposable diapers


Baby breath

Baby smiles

Cuddles with toddlers, under blankets, with books and ending with “I wove you mom”

Early bed times. Can I get a praise jesus?

Easy food to cook

Warm showers and my towel warmer. The best

Jammie pants. Comfort!

Babies who sleep till 9:30 am!

A friend who offers to pick up my kid at 12 noon and keeps him till 6:30 and brings him back, so I don’t have to pack the girls up to pick him up….so I can get some errands and cleaning done.  Seriously. So thankful!

Texts during the day that tell me im doing a good job.  so encouraging

And lastly. Coffee.  More coffee and yet, more coffee

Happy snow Saturday!

nana and papa plumps!

 nana and papa plumps joined us last tues for a longer than planned visit,. ha.  we got hit with a snow storm on mon (or was it tues????? cant remember it's all a blur) and their flight was delayed until 11:30 last night (or close to that time)  we had a great time catching up, drinking buckets of coffee, eating and more eating, sharing and laughing, and watching the kids get to know thier other set of grand parents. ellie was fine, i think she got papa plumps out of his comfort zone a few times....haha

first thou, nate left me a gift mon night, he wrote a note and PINNED it to the poor bear's ear. hahahaha
 johana was comfortable around nana from the start
 she shared some stories with her too
 then she went to papa plumps
 and wanted back to nana. haha
 we played some more games
 johana stayed up late a few nights.....cough....a lot of nights....ha but we got her first out loud laugh!
we had a great time with you guys, i am sure that you are happy to be home, where it's quiet. hahaha  until next time! 

now to try and catch up on life, cleaning, laundry, cooking, school! sigh! 



 nana and papa plumps brought nate's christmas gift with them.  it was 2 parts, unfortch, i missed the 2nd part but it was awesome!  i was in the house with the girls

anyways. nate was given overalls...which i LOVE, SO easy to keep him clean when in the shop!  after nate got dressed we hit up the shop
 nate was given a red bag and a card with pictures on it
 and a tub of sand filled with gems!
 nate had SO much fun digging and finding all his precious stones out
 and identifying them on the card!
the 2nd gift was panning for gold!  nate was able to use papa plump's expert experience and they panned for gold...nate has a little bottle filled with what he found. so much fun! what an AWESOME gift guys!!  thank you for putting so much thought into it! 0 comments

jo jo bear!

 such an adorable bear she is!


family time

 having a lively game of tops
 jo jo was too busy smiling at me. sigh
 ellie opened her present and loved it!
 a puzzle!  when she finished it she put her hands in the air and said "awesome!" bawahhhh
 a lovely picture, made for me by my niece katie. i love it! i out it in my front room, for those that know me, any gifts...esp my nieces and nephews mean the world to me!  love!


night walk

 ellie and nana played another round of a game. ellie likes her games

the kids were rangy, so i packed them all up around 6 pm and took them for a walk, in the freshly falling snow
 jo jo bean in her snow suit. so cute
 ellie in hers leading the way
 i carried jo
 ellie and nana shared some stories along the way
ellie just enjoyed life. ha

nana plumps got her wal on this trip, she took ellie out for a walk almost every day! ellie LOVES to be outside, esp walking, shes like me. ha.  ellie even had papa plumps out yesterday, seriously who can say no to "papa, a boot, a jacket, go for a walk?"

love my ellie joy 0 comments


 we had the best meal evah! our swiss potato, cheese and bacon. haha
 i was there too
ignore crooked view of jo jo and naters 0 comments

happy friday everyone!

 chris's parents are up for a visit, which limits time to until i have a chance to upload pics i thought this video will do happy, wonderful, cold and amazing friday everyone! 0 comments

 i took nate out to get groceries, during his school time..haha.  and we hit up the canteen.  gotta admit, i had a hard time watching him eat this 'food'  i was like "dude, do you know what's in there????"  ill stick to my chicken thanks!  anyways, i love taking the time to just be with him.  sure we had to get food but the stop on the way out was the connecting time.  i love him. such an amazing boy he is
 my 3 swaddle babies. love ellie's face. she was NOT happy about this and being the great mom that i am, i took pics before i un wrapped her. hahaha
 nate was saying " its ok ellie, im right here" jo's like "hu??"

i was up with jo when i came down to this.  nate told me she climbed up and put her head on the pillow, and told him her tummy hurt.  nate wrapped her up
 and again that night, nate takes such great care of her
love my kids! 1 comments

my little helper

 ellie wanted to help me make lunch yesterday, which was a HUGE success....i had the stove on for about 7 mins before both boys came to investigate "the amazing aroma" sigh.  father and son much?  anyways, ellie loves to help me so i got her a cutting board and a dull kitchen knife and she helped me cut the veggies up.  she has such a servant's heart.  always helping
 my johana time.  i enjoy this one so much!
 nate took a pic of my "redic overpriced leggings" as i refer to them as. BUT they rock! they are SO comfy...and bright....haha. if i had a 100 kicking around i'd pick up 4 more pairs but i don't so ill stick to the 1 pair i have. ha
 beauty is in the eye of the beholder
 lasy night, chris and i were doing our netflix obsessive watching (covert affairs SO good) around 9:30 we hear our little dinosaur so i went to investigate. what i found was a party in her crib, i tried to shut it down!  for 5 mins i tried but she kep laughing at me, batting her eyes, kicking her legs and making her adorable noises that i brought her down with me

chris said that's the last time hes sending me up to shut her down....hahaha

i kept her up with us until 10:30ish. she was sneaking in her cuddle time and i loved every second of it. my little jo jo bean
working the teething ring, those chompers are on their way! 0 comments

messy fun!

 late night snuggles before i slipped out to meet some friends for a much needed ME night!
 i am totally into CONTROLLED messes. haha  yesterday i set up some indoor, finger painting. they LOVED it
 ellie was showing me her "messy, messy fingers"
 my little artist
and there you go!  that's us, how are you?

i must add, i am loving the home school life.  the girls are being so good in the mornings that we stay in bed until 8-8:30...i love that nate is adapting to a more lose school style, making it easier on me to be more flexible.  he keeps himself busy during his off time, which allows me to get things done or spend time with the girls.  i am grateful that n.b is so awesome to home educate your kids.  and with that im off to teach nate's math lesson!  happy wed everyone 0 comments

jumping jo bean!

 i got my book order on monday!  yipee.  now i have to sit and plan out a schedule for nate.  i decided that i am going to do science with him this quarter.....cause i wanna read the flipping book!  it looks SO good! i am also trying out this who is god series, i decided not to use if for school but instead just go through the book together, with out the note book.  it also looks really good and im excited to challenge nate on a spiritual level, and learn something new myself!
 this is ellie.  red shoes and no pants. she loves wearing big girl underwear!  she hasn't had an accident in 6 days. she got the pee thing down but we need to sit with her for the poops. its scary!  anyways, id consider her day trained!  yipee!
 my little jumping bean
 such a happy little joy
 more bouncing
 she looks so big!  sob sob