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bye for now

well, i just spent my last night in the hood. wheee! i am leaving this morning with my parents to stay for the week in halifax. i plan on relaxing and helping my sister get ready for her big day. chris will be staying here in the hood until thurs, someone must work around here. ha.

i haven't even begun to think about the trip. i must say sis. fabo idea. i love you for it. there is NO way chris would ever go back to disney.....unless you were getting married there.....ha....

we have a new move in date for the house. it's suppose to be nov 18. we fly back the night of the 17th. so crossing everything that the house will be ready and i will FINALLY be able to set up house...that sounds so old fashion.

so with dreams of mickey, ice cream, crispy cream right out of the fryer and more ice cream. i am off until the mid of nov.

have a wonderful few weeks everyone! 0 comments

earnin his keep

yep, i am training him at a young age to sweep my floors (note the safe, safety gate) i am teaching him young how to win over his future wife :)


last day at the park

this would be the reason why. the kids trashed the kiddie park 2 nights ago. we won't be back. let's just say that i found a gift that one of the kids left behind, right in the middle of the play structure. at least they were kind enough to wipe and leave the toilet paper. i am SO glad this is my last friday here. we are leaving the hood baby! whoo hooo.

ohh what's that i see?

mmm twigs, yummmm
on the run nate runnnnn...

this is my last week here. i am SO glad. mom and dad are coming up to help pack this weekend. i will be going back with them to halifax. chris will stay here and join me wed night. we fly out thursday. this time next week i will be hanging with mickey. gotta love that the wedding just happens to be at my most fav (other than shopping malls) place evah. it had to be, other wise chris would NEVER go again. he doesn't get disney world. i blame the swissness in him.


day at the park

i forgot nathaniel's coat and hat (i know, i know, bad mom) so i gave him my sweater to wear

these were taken at a park 5 mins from where we live. ok, all you sasky people. do you now understand why i wore my sack cloth, tore my clothes and went into mourning every fall. this is what i fall should look like!
* please note that all these pic's were taken with my 100 buck cheapo camera. not chris's gazillion dollar camera


kid's conference

table set up
books of the bible. yep, i made each one.

'what's in the box' and the sucka pulla

candy table. we have more, i was just to lazy to bring it out.
the pics are long over due they from last weeks kids conference. fun times.

ha. there are a bunch more pic's of the electrical, insulation etc...but quite frankly my computer is slower than molasses in january and i don't have time to post them all and they are boring. ha.

so instead i post a pic of nate. he's quite the ham you know. notice his left pocket in his army jacket....there is a stuffed dog in the pocket. yes, he carries the dog in his pocket.

so i am on the count down...monday i am outta here! wheee. i am going to halifax. no more hood for moi.

the house is coming along. chris took yesterday off to work on the loft. he wanted it to be ready for the plaster guys today. he is working again on it tonight. i know it will be worth it in the end.

and with that i must go and start my rainly, wet, cold wednesday. have a good one everyone.

oh, before i forget.

1-no, i have no idea who's blog i posted yesterday. i just found it and
2- you have to sign up to comment
3-emailing me is fine!


ooohh lalala la electrical

our amazing upgrade furnace that will keep us toasty and warm on those cold nights

i am posting this for the guys. they like this sorta stuff. me? i'm like...what ever. as long as i am warm i don't care.
anyways, it's done. whee


dry wall-check

as angry i am about STILL not being in the house. i am impressed with our builders and their influence on the contractors. each contractor so far has been on time, worked hard and finished before the estimated time.

the house is a few boards away from being drywalled!
the plaster dudes are starting today!!!!

drywalled hallway upstairs

super cute shadow boxes chris snuck in and they will tile for us :)

this is the main bath upstairs. behind the wall with the shadow boxes is the toilet! so stoked about this. why?

1-the toilet is hidden away
2- no toilet in the way when i bath the kids ( with kids i mean nephews and nieces)
3-room for toilet training (which i will start when we move in)

just a cool shot of all the drywall 0 comments

seriously fun blog

ok, while randomly searching different blogs i found this delight. check this blog out. love it. how fun does she make getting dressed each day?

while my wardrobe now consists of cords, jeans and track (mom suits) she makes me want to dress nicer. and i will one day. when i get my clothes back. another rant that is.

any ho. grab a warm cup of java/coffee/tea what ever, get cosy and enjoy! 0 comments


ta da! we have siding! whee. this week the plan is to finish the drywall, mud and primer.

then the floor guys are coming by the end of the week. it's on a roll.

my fingers and toes are crossed that the house will be finished by the time we get back from the wedding. if it is not, i will live with my parents in halifax. chris will find a couch to crash on.

now i have to pick the last 2 colors for the house, a few more fixtures and lights and all the door stuff.

i won't have pics to post o the kids conference, unless we snap some this afternoon. silly chris took tones of pictures on friday night. he just forgot to put the photo card in....ha. hoping we will remember to take some pic's today.

today is the last service for the conference. the service doesn't start until 2. now i understand why there was such a hate on for the p.m services from all the mom's. no naps! nate will be a skipping his nap today. he has done really well this weekend. esp with missing naps, going to be 4 hrs past his bed time. he's a champ.

funny natey story.

last night, i was bathing nate before church. anyways, he started screaming while chris and i were talking. so chris thought it would be a great idea to just take him out of the tub 1/2 through the bath. so we could finish our conversation in quiet. so here i am standing in the hallway, leaning up against the door watching nathaniel run around naked. nate then ran to me and i felt a splat. yep, i looked down to see nathaniel peeing all over my slippers (yes, i wear slippers but they are cool slippers) then he laughed. i made chris wash my slippers, finish the bath for punishment.


the morning after

excuse the no pic post. all my pic's are on chris's camera. which is with him at the house.
i am sitting here, chilling with my mother mug of coffee (huge mug) relaxing, thinking, reflecting while nate naps.
chris is spending this cold, fall sat at the house, where he is mudding my loft. yes, it's mine. i have claimed it.
i went over to see the progress on the house this morning. i have not been there since monday. holy moly batman. they put 76 sheets of drywall up yesterday alone. it's looking like a house. atlas, i have no pic's right now. take my word for it. it's looking like a house!
conference stuff- we are SO FREAKING HAPPY! last night was the first night of the church conference. this year we did something completely new with the kids. instead of the normal fun and games. i felt that the time had come to expect more from them. sooooo after much talking to god and praying i felt (and chris too) that we would host the first evah kids conference.
we put the tables in a horse shoe shape, gave them douotangs, pens, papers and gasp taught them. i found this amazing book with a fun way to teach the bible basics and voila. i admit i was almost puking yesterday. i was SO nervous. i was scared that the kids would hate it and it would be a total flop.
i held my would the kids take to it????
THEY LOVED IT! seriously, they adored it. they took notes...yes, 7 yr olds were TAKING NOTES. we taught them the basics of the bible, you know chapters, verses, how to find stuff etc... we actually ran out of time. we did not play 1 game. the kids did not want to leave. they wanted more notes, more fun facts, more knowledge.
so, as i sit back and sip my coffee the morning after. i can say this. yes. yes, it was worth the time i put into it, the prayers, tears, the stress, the planning. yes, i will do it again.
i hope to have pic's tonight.
nate and the nursery- so i took him to the nursery last night, he was not feeling the best, throwing up and skipped him pm nap. i was a bit on the leary side. so when i went to pick him up 3 hrs later. i was greeted at the door by one of the wonderful nursery workers. she said "mel, guess what?"
me??? i was thinking oh no
her-"mel, nathaniel is free from what ever it was that held him back. your son is free" i got the report. he spent the 3 hrs playing with the other babies, running around, playing with toys, eating his snack etc... both workers could not get over the change in him. i am SO glad that i did not give in to my own guilt, and made him stay each sunday. now nathaniel loves the nursery. even 3 hrs past his bed time!


last week i took nathanie to the park. at the park we ran into a lovely young mom (note the young) and her approx 4 yr old daughter. her daughter was playing a bit on the rough side with nate.
this is what happened.
ym (young mom)- "don't play so hard, be nice" she says to her daughter
me-"that's ok, he's fine"
ym-"no, she has to learn to play nice and gentle, she is going to be a big sister in jan, so she has to learn"
me-"congratulations!" (i can't really see her belly, she is sitting and is a bit on the big side)
ym-"yeah, i am having twins"
me-"wow, that's ummm...yeah wow"
ym-"thanks" as she reaches into her pocket, pulls out a slim lady, lights and puffs smoke to the sky
me- shocked. thinking she's kidding about being preggers with twins.
ym-then gets up and i can tell, yep she is pregnant and smoking.
i am still asking god, why? why? why? i have issues with this. so many. why? why can people simply get pregnant, young, then smoke? when i know of so many ppl who are desperate to have a child?? i ask why, not to blame god or put the bad stuff on him. i ask why to understand.
i still don't know.

trouble x's 2

natey and quinny bright and early mon morning for breaky at patterson's.

(yeah, yeah, i am a few days late. i've been busy y'all)

whatcha looking at?


stealing and drinking nathaniel's milk

look ma, no hands

*note quinn's face

gimmie that

as he grabs the cup from nathaniel

the night we ran away

my amazing parents came up this weekend to baby sit our natey for a night away.
we had SO much fun, chris and i . we went to this super elegant inn. it had a corner tub, fire place, huge king size bed, amazing shower, veranda and the most wonderful breaky. worth every penny.
we checked in at 3:03. i was soaking in the tub at 3:08. it was so nice. i felt almost human again. i am a tub gal and it has been 6 wks now that i have not soaked in a tub.
then we went out for supper. SO wonderful. chris and i completely forgot what it was like to eat in a restaurant with out high chairs, bottles and screaming kids. we took our time, relaxed, laughed, joked around. we tried new food (me the *gasp* chicken mushroom, portabello (sp?)risotto, some fancy smancy salad, chris apple and blue cheese chicken).
it was the best anni present anyone could give us. one night away. thanks again dad and mom. we really had a great time!

lovely loft

natey and i dropped by to 'help' daddy in the loft

tis true, natey boy. we can't do it with out your help

cool shot from the loft facing our room, where the tub is peeking out is where the main bath will be.

any thoughts on the color i should pick for the bath??

chris took 3 days off last week to start in the loft. we bought the house with the loft unfinished.

any ho. here it is after chris insulated and wrapped it up good and tight with the vapour barrier.

chris, is the most creative dude out there. he came up with this fab-o-lous idea.
use the space in between the rafters as built in book cases/ storage. of course after spending a full day cutting the wood and dry wall for it, he has lost a wee bit of the "great idea glow" and is growling inside. har-har

cool shot of the electrical wires and the roof of the loft

my window seat. but it's not a window seat anymore. i got another amazing idea. instead of a window seat/storage box. it will be my work station!!
envision this with me. the desk will be built in in front of the window and along the right wall. that way the chris can face the window and i can still turn around to make sure nate is ok. that way i can look out the window and have a place to work. also, there will be shelves along the wall to the left and right of the window.

5 yrs already??

well. we did it. we made it. 5 yrs of the thing called marriage. 5 wonderful, crazy, fun filled, tears, angry words, fights, arguments, misunderstanding, hormones, resolving, agreements, loyalty and lots of love.

i can't believe that i have been married for 5 years. so much has happened. so much.

i am beyond grateful to god for bringing this guy into my life. my life partner, my mate, my bestest bud. i love you beyond any words that i can express on this keyboard.

i cant wait to see what's in store for the next 5.....

*bestest shopping bud is still you cry* :)


toast and jam

why is it that certain smells, foods etc bring back memories?
case point. a friend of ours had a baby last week, while looking at her pic's i saw her snacking on a pc of toast with jam.
no biggie to the normal person. but i am not normal.
i lived on toast and jam for weeks after i had nathaniel. so here i am having my 3rd pc of toast with jam. looking at nate's hospital pic's. ach we was so little, so cute, so wonderful. sniff.
sweet memories.
*chalk this post up to weird things you didn't know about me

bawah this cracks me right up

in doing my daily news surfing (i am concerned about the state of the $ situation) i found the above story. love it. read it. giggle. i may share this with my pre-teen gals.... 0 comments

soupy snack

i have discovered the most wonderful snack/pick me up.
it's so delightful to eat, you sip it straight from the mug. it's better than a warm hug on a cold day, cozier than fuzzy slippers on your feet.
so easy to make. boil water, i personally favour the kettle. pour packet into your fav coffee mug. sip and savor.
i love this product. love it. i tried it yesterday for the first time ( i also got them on sale- .99 for 4 a pack....that makes it .25 per snack) and i adore this product.
so much i had it for breakfast this morning. sooo good. mmmmm

i am gonna be an aunty...again!

this super, adorable single child is about to embark on the new journey of siblington.
i am thrilled to announce that i will once again be an aunty to another cutie-pie. sarah and rudy are expecting their second wee one.
the babe (if he/she takes after her mom) will be here the middle of may.
if he/she takes after her father he/she will arrive at promptly 12:01, may 1.
i predict a boy. chris shrugged, nate said "oh no"
congrats you guys!!

electrical check

nathaniel checking out the electrical, making sure it is being done right.

yep, he thinks they are doing a good job.
so this week so far it's the wiring. they are almost done. we have been hearing reports from the contractors that our house is being "pushed to the front" it has a "crazy schedule" and that our builders are pushing it to be finished asap. which is good.
so the bad news. it will not be ready for the end of the month. the builders are aiming to have it finished for when we get back from the wedding. which is nice. you know. seeing as a i don't have any where to live!
that's all i am going to say about that. i do know that one person in this world knows what i am going through. my sis-in-law lived likes this for 2 months before they moved, then they lived out of 2 (i think it was) suitcases for a few weeks until they got their stuff. I HATE THIS!
i had to suck it up yesterday and buy nathaniel some clothes. he has out grown almost everything. he has no boots or shoes that fit anymore. i am on the hunt today to get him some foot wear.
chris is taking the week off to go work on the house. my poor boy. he has enough to do already. the good thing about doing construction is that for the rest of the week he is unreachable! no phone, email. so he can not be bugged. ha!