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sisterly visit

my sister come up for the week end (yeah, yeah, i'm late but what ever...i just had a baby.ha!) charlotte was impressed with her for about 5 mins then she got her self busy putting her doggy to sleep in the swing
cry and eliana. ellie slept for most of the trip, until we went to the mall. that was fun. ha.  she cried the whole time, then conked out in the car.  we had a good time catching up and cooing over ellie. i think mother daughter TRIPS are in the future. ha!

baby product review!!!

bought the over prices but so worth it body shop baby shampoo. its all organic, blah blah BUT smells Divine.  i love bathing ellie and spending the remainder of the night on the couch smelling and snuggling.  sigh. pure heaven. totally worth the money!

prayer request!!!!

i, for the first time actually sending out a prayer request for ME via blog!  i want to nurse, it's my desire, my milk is being cantankerous as we approach the 2 wk feeding frenzy (growth spurt) please pray that my milk will not go down (it was) that my body will do what it's suppose to do and make loads of milk and that i will drink my water and not gag (which is so weird for someone who drinks a lot of water!) and that i will not stress...that we will remain in peaceful, calm delight

merci! merci!

(god cares about birds, so he cares about my hearts desire to nurse) 1 comments

sunday no belly pic!

but we have a baby pic. much better in my opinion. ha!
us before taking miss. ellie to church for her very first time (out side my tummy that is)
she did so well, i can't get over the difference between her and nate.  she only fussed at the end of the service
all snuggled in for the drive home with out nate.  which is so odd to not have him around.  he's in hali with my parents and i quite miss the boy!
pretty girl, all in her new dress. much thanks for the sponsors. ha
why not another pic?! love her! 
we are doing well, WAY better than i thought.  even with nate gone, i am blown away by the differences.  ellie is exactly what we prayed and spoke for. a quiet, peaceful delight. don't get me wrong she gets upset and cries but it's much softer.  she is a total snuggle bug and loves to be bundled up on my chest. which is fine by me.  these days are so precious and i plan on enjoying them to the fullest!

i am having NO nursing problems at all! she latched like a champ and i threw the routine out the window. ha.  i feed her when she wants, which happens to actually follow a routine!  every 2-3 hrs during the day and up to 5 hrs at night!  whooo hoooo!  i am even able to pump extra for her at night so i can get 5 hrs while chris feeds her through a tube (so it won;t mess with her latch)

funny chris story!- we were packing the bag this am for church when chris reaches into the fridge and takes the pumped milk, packs it to take with us. i was like 'dude, what are you doing?" he's like "getting food for ellie for church" i look at him, he looks at me takes the milk and puts it away and says "yeah forgot about that, you are nursing" we were in such a habit to pack formula for nate.  i'm like all i have to do is find a quiet place and voila she's fed. no fuss no muss!

sleep- we have her on a routineish....meaning i try to follow nate's and its working very well. she's like me and LOVES her sleep!  she naps 2+ hrs during the day, i wake her to feed her, she wakes up for 3 feeds during the nights but chris and i tag team so we are able to get 5 solid hrs of sleep. i think this has really helped my milk!

chris and i- we are ubber impressed with how awesome we are doing, we have had 1 fight since bringing her home. our communication is at the max it's ever been. there is total calm delight between us.  it's rather odd....maybe we need to ahve a fight to shake it up. haha

me-i am doing great. so much better this time around. i am healing althou i am in pain from the incision, it hurts and i can't drive or lift anything more than ellie. i can feel the pressure when i try to do, so i am listening to the dr's.  my emotions are all over the place but are controlled!!!!!  i am in control of them!!! when i feel the going back up or down or i feel sad or worried i instantly call chris up to talk.  we talk, talk, talk.  about even the smallest detail. every worry, most thoughts. i am staying real and honest with him and man, is it ever working!!!! SO glad i worked on this area!  i also find myself more patient and calm.

and that's my update! i have a baby that needs (ok i need) to be held and snuggled! 0 comments

friday? already?

chris helped me out, what a great guy. he vacuumed and mopped the floors while i.....
cuddled my baby girl
yesterday we got her a new sookie. i want her to start to self sooth and not use me as her pacifier...she has a sook but didn't like it so we tried another one and guess what?
it's a keeper!  my little girl, so cute. i love her
this week nate was at vbs every morning (thanks mom and dad for taking him for me!) and everyday nate would run in the door looking for me and his sister where he would want to hold her and love her. 
he is so tender with her
and loves talking to her.  every morning nate hops into bed with me and chats while i nurse, he loves it.  i read him books and i enjoy my kids.  i am so pleased that nate loves eliana
nate's new thing.  every morning when he wakes up he takes his shopping cart to the playroom where he fills it with books that he wheels back to him room and spends the remainder of the time (*until his light goes off) reading to himself. it's rather cute!

and that's another day here at the eig household!

*we have a light that is hooked to a timer that we set, it's normally at 7:20. if nate wakes up before the light goes off he is to play quietly in his room or playroom. when the light goes off he is free to wake us up or join us in bed for morning snuggles

sun and mon!

nate received a gift in the mail. he used proper letter cutting techniques and used scissors...he was very excited.see below! 
i spent more time on the couch, snuggles and cuddles. my butt has made a permanent dent from all this sitting on it. haha
my kids. nate being silly
uncle lego and eliana...i think she's working on a poop. ha
see!! he was very excited. thank you nana and papa plumps.  they played the games right away and ate the chocolate too!
monday's weigh in.  bec eliana lost too much weight, we were released from the hospital on sat but had to return to the clinic on monday for a weigh in, the lactation consultant was to follow us until she regained her birth weight.
all babies like 99% of them lose weight after being born but you have to stay with in the 10% or you have to stay in the hospital or come back for daily weigh ins. we had to do this with nate, it caused a lot of stress and heart ache, frustration and another problem to deal with with nursing. 
i was stressed about going. so we went in and had her weighted, she did go up a bit but we had to go back today. 
guess what?  my milk is in! i am nursing like a champ and eliana has gained almost ALL her weight back and we do NOT have to go back
the lactation consultant was BLOWN away by how well we are doing....not to shabby from someone who struggled SO much with nursing and nate!
now to keep doing what i am doing, not stress and enjoy! 
i love nursing!

and to top that all off, i just pumped enough milk for chris to  feed eliana tonight while i sleep 5 hours straight!  and NOT use formula. i am one happy mom tonight

(not that there is anything wrong with formula! i just really wanted to nurse this time around and not go through what i went through with nate) 0 comments


morning of belly shot. yep, i'd say i dropped
3 almost 9 wks
haha my fast break. with a coffee. i needed it!
dad and the boys
on my way in!
stripping down and settling in the prep room
final belly shot
going in the or
prepping me with the multitude of needles
already to go! hey! i guess this would be the last belly shot
i will spare you all the gory pics but will say i thought the pics of my uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes was very interesting. ha
baby ellie!!
nurse helping me hold her, i was still frozen from the top of the belly and many  iv's made it hard to grasp her
and we are nursing!! 
for those who know me well, they remember the struggle nursing was with nate, this was a huge blessing
awesome latch!
minute old ellie
on the way to the nursery to be weighted and checked out
in recovery!  getting ready for some more nursing
aunty and ellie
nate's first peek at his sister
this is very serious you know...haha. love my boy
family huddle
in the ward, ellie about 3 hrs old
i was very particular on who i wanted to come in hours after she joined us.  after family i wanted our pastors. they supported us so much over the last yr. ( p. alisia was also there as well as peter and alicia later on)
p.donny and tiffany.  thanks guys. we love and support you and are redic excited about the future! 
and shannon. i will not get sappy. ha ha. thanks for everything
finally in our room!!!! more skin to skin cause that is good stuff!
first family pic
my TWO kids!
dad and eliana
my dad/mom brought me coffee everyday. god bless you both
daddy and his girl
more nate and his sister. nate came to visit everyday
very gentle with times more than me!
singing to her
my most fav time of the day. the early morning feeds!  i LOVE them, the sun is coming up, chris would be sleeping, it was just me and my baby....sigh....
they also brought coffee for chris too!
very sleepy girl. she is SO different than nate. loves her sleep...she's like me!
me and my TWO kids! getting ready to go home!  the dress was filled. god answers prayers
mom and nate
family going home shot
 flowers from daddy. the day we got home chris had to run a mountain of errands, he stopped and got flowers for ellie.  seriously?  my heart

there! this should tie you's over for awhile!
and now i must take my must needed shower, not that 3 day old clothing with pizza sauce crusted all over it  is not attractive or anything...haha 4 comments