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i dream a dream...

my blog is being silly today. it won't let me stream the video from you tube, so clicky on the linky and enjoy the show

chris sent this to me last night. the church that made this video is in the states, it's willie george's...who is the nephew of the pastor of our last church (in sasky)...

after viewing this video, chris looked at me and said "this is the kind of caliber that our church is capable of" meaning. imagine what could happen, if people who are sold out to christ, come together and use their gifts for HIS glory! imagine! i can...i see a private church school (NOT a christian school...a church school...there is a diff) ....the best in canada, a preschool, a gym, a music department that teaches singing, writing, playing instruments etc...that our community will PAY THEM to teach them how to sing, play etc... a children's ministry where kids worship, hand up, tears, teens that live in the spirit, a drama, media department that excels....

i dream big

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sarah! muetti!

i found the pic!
i see similarities can you?!


this is for you

i discovered it this am and knew you would enjoy it

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why so glum my chum?

back story- my parents gave nate a piggy bank. he brought it home and put his money in it. i told him to not play with it, that it's glass, it will break. it's not a toy. i told him this...many...many...many times....
yesterday morning, nate brought the bank down stairs to show me his money. i told him to not play with it and put it here it belongs. on the shelf in his room
really, who wants to obey?
nate insisted on shaking it. playing with it and showing me his money
i was making supper last night and CRASH!!!
yep. you bet. all over the floor. he was SO upset. nate learnt a lesson!
another story
see all that change on the floor?
well a few days ago i noticed money missing. just a quarter here, a dime pocket change dish was empty, chris's change pile was gone...nate was taking all the money he could find to put it in his piggy bank! he actually found a quarter and a nickle on the ground and put it in his pocket to take home...ha
he had over 10 bucks in that bank! my little thief!
so after many tears. chris and i sat him down and explained to him the importance of obeying mom and dad. he learnt the hard way i am afraid!
it pays to obey!


"a letter??? for MEEEEEEE????"
"my friends"
"ohhhh goats, cows, trees" this card rocks muetti. nate went over all if it, showing me the animals and such. i have it on the fridge waiting for your visit! thanks muetti and vati. nate loves mail day!
more cows. not just any cow but swiss cows!


this will make perfect sense to ursi. blogs are wonderful. esp when hotmail won't let you email pic's...

ursi- the above pic is the media room with the bed and couch
there is also room for a playpen

aqua room. the couch with the cushions's low to the ground
other side of the same room. a play pen can also be brought in.... that's the general lay out
for everyone who is wondering....haha. my sis in law is coming for a visit and we are working on the sleeping arrangements :)


all ready for church. he wanted to wear his tie. like daddy

(hu?? daddy hasn't worn a tie for months! years!)
my poser. he's so cute and growing so fast!

aunty ursi!

last night nate told me "come quick mommy. i have to show you something" and being the great mom that i am, i told him "in a minute. i am busy" then 5 mins later i hear "mommieee come quick. i have to show you something" and again. i told him "i am busy" finally. an HOUR later nate comes to me and takes my hand, pulls me to the stairs, points to ursi's picture on the wall of pics and says "mommy. that is aunty ursi. see" so i grabbed my camera and snapped a pic
"see mommy. aunty ursi"
the one who made nate his blanket. the blanket he has slept with. every. single nap and night...from 7 days old until now
ursi. can i get a back up blanket made?!!!

lunch is served!

i asked chris to pop some lunch in the micro for nate. our convo went like this

me-chris, would you toss some lunch in the bowl for nate?

chris- what should i give him?

me-the stewy/soupy creation from the crock pot. that is in the fridge

chris-how much should i give him?

me- use his reg bowl

chris- its in the micro, i am going down stairs now


beep. beep. lunch is ready! i pull out the bowl out of the mirco. the blue bowl. the bowl that chris uses. note how much is in there???!!!
i went and grabbed nate's reg bowl. filled it with his normal serving. then had enough left over for me. haha
crack me right on up!
i love you chris!
*this post was meant to tease in a loving way. not a "slamming" way

home again!!!

"i tooted"
a new day. a new hair due, thanks to aunty melly
quinn and nate sharing
yeah right

thanks dad now they know this thing MOVES when you put money in it!
too much cuteness
nate checking on charlie, making sure she's o-okay
sniff. nate was once that tiny in that car seat
my parents are boozers
i kid. dad collects bottles for the breaky club at the local jr. high...he is spending his retirement volunteering everywhere
aunty's here!
why so fast nate?
aunty lets him drive the truck

we are home in moncton. i came home last night and haven't stopped since! it's emails, phone calls, mail, errands and general life busyness....that's what happens when you leave for 2 wks!
i asked chris to help nate wipe his butt this afternoon
i walked around the corner and saw this
this is how chris wipes his butt. i don't do it this way. i don't think i have laughed this hard in a LONG time!
*yes, i do still wipe nate's butt. he can't reach all the way back there and i like my kid clean.
the color wheel!
this bad baby is a brain fart of mine from a few wks ago. i took a circle, colored it, then colored the cloths pins and created a wheel for nate to match the pin to the right color. it taught him his colors. as he matches he tells me the color. he LOVES it. it's so easy to use and takes 2 mins to finish (his exact attention span)
seriously. he knows his colors from this bad boy!


quinn was delighted to push nate around
playing tim's drive through...what else?
nate "single, single for mommy"
quinn "dbl, dbl for daddy"
sad but true
last night on the way home nate told me "mommy, i was a good boy tonight. can we go to tim's for a single, single and a chocolate timbit for me? we don't tell daddy"
*yes, i did hit tim's
no ducks
really, no ducks

tree hugger
quinn's first day ever for school!
cry (btw for those newbies, cry is my sister) took quinn to school. i stayed home and hung out with charlie girl
she loves me. i am her most fav aunty. ever
i did note that quinn did "put away" his toys, he did not wash, dry or put away his dishes. i think he simply ran out of time and thought he would finish them after school....ha
charlie girl came along for the pick up
k...see that teeny, tiny boy sitting ever so quietly, legs crossed waiting for his name to be called
that would be quinn
only teacher jane could get him to sit that quietly, for that long!
"quinn" and boom. look at him jump up and run!
he had a GREAT time. he loves school, adores his teacher mrs. corbin. he showed off his craft and told us all about his day
"i did good today mommy! can i have my worm?"
*yes we did bribe him with candy
"hi charlotte. did you miss me?"
quinn had a great day at school and i am so happy to be there! yeah quinn!
boo moncton for not having a preschool that does not cost me more than my mortgage
we have a future worship leader on our hands! nate showed us his wicked pipes last night...


nate is drilling my mouth. thanks buddy!
and that would be quinn in the back ground...i am on the road again...
i decided to take advantage of a few days that were free to take a trip to hali...i came back from the island on fri and left sat for hali...ha
charlotte was practicing her walking

smiles for me!
snuggles with my girl! she is so cute. i love her!


wanna join us at the beach?

*warning this post and the others are a wicked photo over load!
moments in the vacay, the boys find the bed

peeking through the many rocks and such
rock climbing and jumping was done
chris *gasp* went for a walk along the beach (then promptly went back to bed)
the cottage that we rented
ok. the summer house we rented
which was fully loaded. there was no "roughing it" done
we ate well (thanks dad!)
drank boat loads of coffee (thanks again dad!)
rested. walked and had a fabo time
the above pic was taken from this spot. the cottage was on the beach. at the most beautiful part of the island. i took the shot of the house, then turned around and snapped the beach shot. it was divine!
nate and nana i can just imagine what stories nate was telling
taking another stroll with nana
see those tiny, black spots at the top of the cliff? that would be shawn and quinn. nate had to join them...
see that tiny spot 1/2 way up the cliff? that would be nate
this would be shawn "helping" the boys down the hill
shawn is so helpful
he was still in "cop mode"
(shawn joined us a few days in the trip and left with chris a day early to get back to work)
nate spending some time with his "sister charlotte grace"
i give up trying to tell him that she is NOT his sister
we locked the boys out
we wanted quiet
who's afraid of the water? not nate. he got right on in (with rubber boots)
not that the boots helped much
"i love this place"
the rents
then we danced to some rocking veggie tales
and nana read some books
while chris and i enjoyed the crashing waves from the deck
it was beautiful
and dad joined us and i had someone other than me take my pic
a new day. nate again played and talked to his sister charlotte grace
then she smiled for me. i know the pic is under exposed but hey! she's a cutie! those blue eyes! that smile! me heart!
the boys were running machines. they ran. and ran. and ran. i call them running boys!
we let them run like this for 10 mins straight. then then went home and crashed for 2 hrs. wonder why? haha
in action
the best night evah. cry and i took off to "victoria by the sea" and watched a live stage play. it was simply amazing. there is much loss in the art of live drama. we enjoyed ourselves immensely. worth. ever. penny
we were also the youngest ppl 50 yrs...haha
we saw "mesa" it was great. if you have the chance, next time you go to the island. check this play house out. i have enjoyed it every time! again, it's totally worth the $$$
then we took off to cavendish, for the local tourist trap. where we spent 1.68 in total. we had nate *gasp* RUN and RUN and RUN :)
picture posing boys
it took 5 mins to get them to stand still
more cuteness
sitting on the cow at cows. ha
no. i did not buy any ice cream. shocking ain't it
i will not pay 5 bucks for 1 scoop. refuse!
instead we ran more laps at the board walk
running boy
check out the face of delight
"see that cow mommy? that cow is on the roof. why?"