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see what i have to put up with today? he's a wee but allergenic to something and redic cranky to contend with. nap today? yes please!

2 days ago nate decided to draw on my wall, out of defiance. he knows he is not to do this and this is the first time he did it, knowing what he did was wrong. he was disciplined and one of his punishments was to clean it all off himself

it took "forever" waaaaaa but he did it. every last bit of it!

look! my roses made it after the snow! i was so happy to find it yesterday morning, yeahhhhh!!!

nate was working on his construction site. he hauled all the wood from out back in his wagon

and built his shed

talking the whole time "this goes here and that goes there and this will do that and that is this"

then we went to find daddy for a coffee

ummmm where's nate?

there he is

yea, i let him play in the fountain, what a cool mom i am

strip him down to his underwares (nate calls them his underwares so cute) , have him sit on a bag and voila. fun afternoon


nate funny

nate asked what a joke was. i tried to explain it, then he asked me to tell him one that he would understand. so i did and this is what happens when you try to tell a joke to a mini chris

m-why did the chicken cross the road?

n-why? why would it want to go?

m- nate. why did the ckn cross the road?

n-do chicken's have legs? or feet? do they walk or hop? they don't cross roads, they don't read road signs, they don't want to cross the street. this does not make sense. ask me a question that is real

m-it's a joke nate.

n-this is silly. chickens don't cross roads, they just don't. tell me a new joke


typical chris

25 dollar date

the youth at the church are raising money to go to camp

so i hired 1 gal (who brought a friend with her) to watch nate for a few hrs yesterday afternoon so chris and i could have a date

we had a BLAST

we had nothing to do, no where to go and did not want to spend much (if any) money

so we went for a walk, had an ice cream (ok i did) went for a coffee, chatted then bummed around chapters for almost 2 hrs reading their books. it was so nice and refreshing

we are SO doing it again

the sitter was 20 bucks and we spent 5. 25 bucks for our date. not to shabby!

a shout out to the locals. hire a teen from the church to help them raise money to go to camp!

dental detestment

i spent

most of my morning having dental work done. lucky monday morning me. i am grateful for COVERAGE yikes!!!!

as i was laying there in the chair freaking out as the needles went in, my heart was pounding, i was fighting the fear and panic ( i detest dentistry) i heard that voice in my heart say

"face your fear, turn it into your strength" (heb 11)

so i did. i asked the dentist to show me what he was doing and he did! my dentist gave me a mirror and stopped about 12 times to show me what was happening and explained everything to me

i found myself relax and felt calm. in a dentist chair!

i thought super cool god!

i heard "that's how it should be. face it, with me. there is no place for fear"

hummmmm lesson from the dental chair

unfortunately, i had 2 procedures done, freezing my face and as the numbness is wearing off, the pain in coming :( i hate sore!

that's my monday in a but shell


the cycle

the cycle

2 weeks of living life, somehwat normal...haha

ohhhh what's that? ohhhh chris quick it's time

10 days later

the self check starts

acne break out? it could be

sore back? ohhhhh

hormones??? maybe?....

bloating? too many chips last night? ha

sore boobs? just from my constant poking.....

is it?

could it be???

is this the month?

go to sleep, dreaming of +'s

waking up to reality

the walk of shame mixed with sorrow from the bathroom to chris

"sorry babe, were out"

back to bed. me on my side. chris on his. backs facing each other. each lost in private thoughts

i deal with the cycle all over again

why? why god why?

what did i do wrong? what should i do better?

anger. god where are you???

rage. i am SO mad (*&^*^%^$%&^%

hurt. god, hold me. i hurt

acceptance.ok. so we are out. move on

heart talk. clean out the negative stuff. no room for bitterness

sadness. tears. breaking.

reaching out to the back facing me, it's time to come together. time to share. time to listen to his thoughts. time to hold each other. time to remind us that we are not alone. we have each other. time to smile and remind each other what we do have. time to pray. time to talk to god. time to hug. hold. support and love each other

this month is over. it's gone. it's done

tomorrow is another one

don't remember the old days, look ahead on what's coming

babies or no babies. it's ok

it's all going to be ok

take this cycle and repeat. weeks. months. years...


just an adorable boy, chilling down town, sporting his rubber boots

then it was time to do some serious roofing with daddy

taking the time to explain to nate how this was going to go down, with all the safely stuff
he listened and repeated all the rules and instructions

step one


almost there

chris held him as he maneuvered himself around the ladder

up, up they go

this is to let all the grandparents and others who think we are crazy (we are) chris was in total control the whole time

"i did it!"

and he loved it!

my 2 men, up on a roof

chris and i talked last night and we decided to bring nate up on the roof. he was SO excited today. it was almost all he talked about (he also talked about quinn, n/p, food and know typical stuff) i know that chris loves to take risks and do crazy stuff but he always makes sure it's ok, that he is in control. chris calls them "calculated risks"

and as normal, i went along with it!


another day another playday

"whacha wanna build today?"
nate and weston discussing what to do

how many boys can get on a car?

i see 3, next yr there will be 4 (s's new born)

poor little dude, as hard as he worked he just couldn't get the car to move but that was ok, he was quite content chilling in his car

the newest little builder, 2 wks. sooooooooo cute!

after the boys left, i let nate run in the sprinklers to clean off, then he had some berries (check out his adorable much eye lashes awwwww)

then it was time to get back to work at the new job site. helping daddy build the shed

my 2 men, working away

i love my perfect, little family!

no play for tomorrow, this mommy has house work and yard work to get caught up with!

would it be wrong?

to wish i was indian so i could wear these?

or maybe i need to come up with a way that i can

seriously! i love me some indian clothing
so fun and full of color

maybe i should host an indian party? we can all come in costume!
who's in?!

love it!

don't even ask how i got onto this train of thought

natey and matty

the sun busted out and we busted out the shades

then it was sand box time but the car got stuck

no problem! after some intense discussion and superior conversation/problem solving skills the car was fixed and ready to go again

or was it just simply abandoned?

one is chilling one is working on the construction site

gimme! mine! i want! meeeeeeeeeee!

close up


the funny thing is they weren't really fighting over it, they were quiet about it, i just happened to look up and see it

the boys played inside for the morning(STUPID COLD, STUPID RAIN!) then moved outside in the afternoon when the sun finally came out

both boys played very well together and hopefully they will both CRASH tonight!
another day another play date

who said that only kids get bored? haha

typically tues!

he's doing his fake smile (this was taken yesterday)

chris-how he's grown!

today we had a fun filled morning with v's kidlets (some of them) ha! and miss cutie pants slept through it...

my ovaries! oh how they hurt! v is still fostering sweet cheeks!

ms a did some play doh making

then we moved on to tower building!

they worked SO well together! there was not 1 fight, i swear they are prepping for the future!

then after the tower was built. the armour was put on (safety first ya' alls'!)

and down the tower came!

then ms a had a turn. gearing up for the big moment

almost ready

helmet? check!

breast plate? check!

sword? check!

and down the tower went

and little ms sweet checks slept through it all