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the land and girls

 the giggling, the laughing the fun a blanket and a tile floor can have!  the girls had a lot of fun sliding each other on the blanket...its the simple things that encourage me to smile
 i took the girls to the land last night, normally its a 30 min drive from my driveway to the property but with construction traffic it took me 45 min to get there!  i snapped a few pics
the shed tresses
 the trailer filled with wood, all ready to go
 the columns chris poured last week and the pipe to feed the electrical cords
i went to mostly help chris take measurements to build the foundation to the shed.  it took about 30 mins to get it done, we had a quick supper sitting on the wood and back to cutting up the wood.  there is no electricity out there, we have decided to put it in this fall, until then chris is using a compressor and generator.  i think the plan is to use the shed this fall/early winter to have a place to can warm up in and maybe have a few fires out there
 some of the big trees that are staying. we would like to keep as many as we can, including maples!
 the wood pile is growing!
 and so is the chipper pile
 my little piece of heaven in the midst of the woods.  i was able to sneak out and swing for about 5 whole minutes until the girls found me. joey crawled up and swung with me for about 30 seconds. which is a GREAT long time for joey.  ha
 chris found a frog and ellie caught it!  chris was showing her how to properly handle it
 she carried it with her and wanted to take it home. no way!  after a good 15 mins i told her to put it in the woods and let it go home. ha
 joey only watched. no touching
 then chris and i worked.  it is challenging to get things done with 2 little girls running around
 so much fun!
it took me another 45 mins to get home!  i was so tired. i skipped baths, and just washed the girls up.  it took them another 45 mins to settle felt like a super long day!  chris came home around 9:30 with an ICE CREAM which was the perfect way to end the day!

last night while i was working ellie was standing beside me, i looked down and smiled at her she looked at me and said "mom, you have a beautiful smile. i love you"  it made my night

last night ellie was having a hard time settling down and because i was tired i slipped into bed with her, read her a book and snuggled until chris came home

this morning when she woke up she came to my bed and snuggled she looked at me and said "i had the best night last night. i got to read books with you and snuggle with you"  my heart... 0 comments


 we went to the zoo after the morning of playing with friends.  the choice animal of the day was the monkey!  can you see what the mama has?
 her BABY!  i stood there and watched her take care of her baby, she was teaching it to hang and grab. it was so adorable. the baby would hang on and when it went to slip the mother would reach down and swipe her back up on her chest. the mama was even swatting wasps away from the baby.  if the girls werent with me, i would have stayed there for another hr watching!

 ellie right when she said "i miss nana and papa and nathaniel"
i do too buddy
 joey "i miss nana and papa and nathaniel" for real thats what she said
the girls are missing their brother so much.  they were pestering me this morning to see him on face time
 trying to get a pic of joey
 this is joey. i cant describe her with one word. she is just in her own little world of FUN
 such a silly, fun, crazy, bundle of mess and joy
 haha love her.



 awe. my heart. i found them like this
with nate being away, im able to see how close these two are
 the other morning i was ordering a school desk for ellie on line (walmart 48.00!)  and i could hear the girls playing...i stopped and listened in and figured out they were playing "jesus on the cross"  ellie would climb up and die on the cross, even closing her eyes and turning her head to the right. then joey would come and check on her, then cry.  ellie would go bury herself and joey would visit her and cry...

it was cute and funny to watch
 "dont die jesus!"
 more sadness
 hilarious to watch. but they played long enough for me to order the desk. ha.  it should be here the end of aug. i found the desk in the walmart flyer and showed it to chris, it would cost chris more than 50 to make the desk for ellie so we went with new...then i can start to clean up and set up school...i have a lot of photocopying to do!  mercy me!
 joey laughing at ellie
joey is our bubble head. oh my word. she is in her own little world of crazy.  she is clueless, forgetful, silly and everything is fun!  i cant wait to teach this sure i will learn a few lessons....but for now we just watch her and enjoy

i often wonder how it would feel to love like joey, to be so happy  and stress/anxiety free.  i often look at her spinning and laughing and ask god to let me be like that carefree and full of life.  i want to experience the total trust she has in me and chris with god.  one day!


park and the back hoe

 when chris goes to the land after work, i always (except 1 time) take the kids in to visit him.  i do it because i think its important for them to see their dad and i want to see him too.  last week we had a long visit at the park, these boys who dont speak english had a soccer with them and ellie asked to play, they let her join in even though they couldnt speak...they were able to communicate with jesters and pointing.  the boys were quite the little soccer players!  chris joined in and played with them
 ellie was able to keep up with the boys. i think shes our little athlete
 joey stayed back with me..and rolled around on the ground....then played with the rocks....haha
 our little bubble girl
 so.  friday night. yeah.  the story goes like this.  a friend of ours wanted to borrow the bh but it was not road insured.  so we came up with the deal that he pays for the insurance (500) and chris will drive it out to him sun night and he can use it until thurs.  so fri night i dropped chris off at the back hoe, i got a call around 6:30 from chris. the tire blew. and he was stuck in a parking lot down town, in a no over night parking zone.  chris called the rcmp and explained the situation to them and they said too bad. remove it or be fined.

we couldnt have the bh towed. it was too big. we needed a new tire.  the start cost freaked me out and as chris made more and more calls the cost kept climbing.  i went in and picked chris up, he came home and he spent the night trying to find a solution.  when i went to bed the cost was 2500-3500...with out the cost of the fine!

sat morning chris got the idea to call this guy in memramcook who he knew and he had 2 used tires to sell us.  but we needed a trailer to get the tires to moncton. our trailer was at the land filled with supplies for the shed.  we found a trailer we could borrow in salisbury about 30 mins from our place. in the opposite direction of memramcook....3 hrs later we had the tires out at the bh where the on call guy was already working on the tire.  the tire was replaced and chris drove it home

total cost 750. much cheaper than the estimated cost. although we will have to buy a new tire tomorrow because the used tires are quite used and will need to be the back hoe is in the driveway. and chris is working on the hydraulics today. 

i was impressed with how chris and i both handled the stress of fri night,  we didnt fight, yell or blame each other.  we worked together and solved the problem. i went along with him sat morning to get the tires...
 bringing it home, 12 hrs later, new used tire and NO fine from the city!!!! thank you jesus!
 there she is
 the girls were happy too
but man, it was so stressful. i think i turned 50 hairs grey and lost 500...sob...sob....not that i need to lose anymore! ha
 the girls wanted a pic with me this am
and today, the first time EVER. joey stayed in her class! and had fun!  too bad she's moving to the 3rd old class next week!

the house is just not the same with out nate. man, i miss that dude!  i love you buddy and i miss you so much!!!!

and with that we enter the last week of aug!!! i cant believe it.  july was the slowest month, then aug flew by!  it will be nice to have fall, i love fall, all the food, colors and crisp morning air!  0 comments

saying good bye!

 mon nate dropped off the rocks we made at the park, then we went to the library to hide from the solar eclipse. haha.  i dropped nate off with chris to knock down some trees and gave him the welding helmet...the boys enjoyed watching the eclipse...ha

nates rock
 ellies rock
 joey's rock!
 tuesday morning we dropped nate off at the caledonia tims to meet up with nana, papa, shawn, cry, charlie and quinny!  to drive to boston to spend the night then fly on wed to orlando!  ive had little contact with nate since he got to florida. haha he is having WAY too much fun with out us...haha
 great way to start the trip! haha
 the kid crew
 not sure what joey was doing but she was having FUN!
 more group antics
 we hung around the house on tues, the girls played in the splashpad for 2.5 HOURS!  i totally wished i had a book to gets boring when my neighbour isnt home and im watching the girls...haha
 after i put the girls to bed, i got the neatest facetime! i snapped a pic with my iphone while on the ipad. ha. shawn was driving close to a bus that had free wifi, so my sis got on and we had a chat...thanks bus! haha
and yes that would be my bowl of popcorn. my addiction. LOVE that stuff

nates been gone for almost 2 days, the house is quieter, cleaner and not the same with out him.  i miss my bud. i miss seeing him around, i also miss his help!  i was surprised by how much he does help around the house...i wish him the BEST trip!  he also f/t me this morning from epcot and confirmed that he doesnt miss us. hahahaha 0 comments