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slip and slide

 i took the slip and slide out. totally worth the 10. the kids have played with it every day this week.  after awhile they figured out they can slide much faster with dish soap and joey holding the hose
 so fun!

i also started this book on tuesday. i finished it last night. SO good.  it was the true story from one of the very few children who survived auschwitz
 joey performing her job as hose holder
 go nate
 please note how dead and dry the grass is. it has been so hot and we have had no rain. we totally need rain fast.  i cant help but think of the poor farmers and all the forest fires.  there is a fire ban in the province so we cant go and have a fire at the hoping we get some rain this week and we can head back out for some more suppers outside over the fire
 so ellie
 so fun
 and she would water the trees in between slides
 fresh faced kid in the morning
 joey in the morning.  i find she is changing her looks so fast too!  this week marked the first week of skipped naps!  i decided to drop her afternoon gives us more freedom/flex during the day but im crying when i think of how i will juggle school come sept....but no naps mean early bed times for the girls!