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parks and the land

 i found a new park to take the kids to this week, they enjoyed it so much we went thurs and fri.  nate and i sat under a tree, he read i watched the girls
 snack time. love their faces
 we then picked daddy up to go to another park. 
 joey wanted daddy to carry her like a baby
 and it lasted about 25 seconds. a record. she doesnt stay still long
 my loves
 the girls spent 2 HOURS in the splash pad yesterday afternoon. nate was out back with his friend.  i stayed in the front with the girls
 and tried to read, but i got about 2 pages read in 2 hrs so i gave up. haha
 last night while grabbing some groceries i discovered this new store at the mall...saje.  oh my word. i loved everything in it. i want all of it. but i settled with 2 bath bombs for 13 and this adorable tote!  i told chris i want a gift card for the store.  hint hint my birthday is coming up...haha.  seriously. i the store smelt SO good!
 ellie told me "im going to school with my puppies. good bye mom" and off she went
 thank goodness im NOT putting her on the bus this sept.  i cant imagine sending her off. shes so little! 
 we went to pick nate up at the property this am, joey took a power nap
 it was raining so we all huddled in the tent. the kids wanted a fire so i made one. hahaha
 the older 2
 joey in the big chair
 and joey took another power nap on the way home.  nate took his sweater off and covered her.  he is so thoughtful and kind. 
and that's a teeny look into the week!  its a cold wet saturday. ive decided its a perfect day for soup...and it will warm chris up when he gets home...maybe ill even make some corn muffins from scratch! 

enjoy the rainy day everyone!  the land sure needs it!