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 sun night chris and i watched some suits. we LOVE that show and its been a long time since we just chilled in front of the tv.  nate was at a loss with what to do, so he wrote us a letter, got dressed up and presented his essay on why we are such great parents. i think he picked some ideas for the drama and flair off quinn....haha

mon we visited chris at the property as he took down some more trees...on the way home joey took a nap holding the piece of tree she carried from the property
 silly girl
 it was so beautiful out i took my new fav drink!  not coffee!!! but this AMAZING orange/mango/pineapple juice with no added sugar and spent time in the word outside, drinking orange was a bit too hot for coffee...haha...
i think i hit a cross road last night.  or rather late in the afternoon, i was praying and i felt something lift off my shoulders, giving me the chance to breathe for a few minutes. and for the first time in week, months maybe i had a anxiety/stress/fear free evening.  i was able to have an evening with out a panic attack. im climbing out of the hole. one day at a time...


Mom said...

Praise God Mel. So happy for you. I wish you Abundance of Grace.

Lots of love dear Girl.