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 joey got her peppa pig "pack pack"  i found her like this sunday night. she went down stairs after i put her to bed, found the pack pack put it on and fell asleep
 thanks quinny for my coffee cup! hahaha  its MINE now. hahahaha just kidding....actually when i use it i think of you so maybe i should keep it
 the girls are for ever saying the funniest things but i never remember them or write them down...yesterday morning i was reading this story to the girls telling them about the u/s machine when joey said "its a baby dinosaur"  i said not its a baby!  she said "NO! its NOT a baby, its a dinosaur" haha  it kinda looks look a baby dino
 during nap yesterday i played monoploy with nate. for an HOUR.  he kicked my butt.  we didnt even count up the money, he won by a LONG shot.  it totally made his day AND filled his love tank
 i set nate up with another hotmail addy.  this was the gender options.....male, female, not specified....why  is there another gender god forgot to mention????
 the best sound in the world.  listening to your girls play, giggle, laugh and talk. there is NOTHING like it!
and that wraps up july!