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 i planned to have a low key, relaxed party this yr for the kids and family.  we got together sun afternoon. and EVERYONE came!  it was nice to all get together, i was able to chat with jon and jess, see copper and celebrate family...nate made his own cake.  i went simple this yr.  very, very simple. 

ellie wanted a "curious george" birthday party cake so i copied it from the book we read, she saw it and knew right away what it was. haha  the girls are 3 and 5 NOT 35. haha
 quinn and nate's cake. the boys are 10!
 copper just before he leaned in kiss joey on the cheek. i wish i got that on camera.  they look so cute AND they matched!
 dr. copper!
 how chris feels about my family. hahahaha  chris and dad were HUGE helps.  dad did the cooking, chris did all the cleaning/dishes. THANK YOU!!!!!!
 attempt at a group shot
 the best i could get
 quinn opening his presents, copper helped
 nate with his gift from aunty.  mickey's not so scary halloween party tickets! (i think, haha i never read the paper)
 joey just liked the tissue paper
 cake time
 i love cake!
 nate and nana
it was a good party.  i think everyone had a good time!  adults included. haha