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 saturday morning my early bird jumped into bed with me for some morning cuddles.  chris went to an auction for the day with nate. they picked up some stuff for the cabin. i cant wait to have the cabin! 

i wanted to give mom a quiet morning so i took the kids to the park.  shawn and cry were arriving in the afternoon...

the girls played, i chatted with quinn then we went for a walk
 charlie, ellie and joey
 quinn chatted with aunty
 then we came home to eat cookies-thanks papa! and ride bikes
 charlie girl and i!  i think she might be able to stay next yr for a week?!
 at the park ellie banged her eye on the monkey bars.  she has a awesome black eye, it looks like shes wearing eye shadow!
 ellie's first black eye!


Ursi said...

Poor Ellie!!
Maya got one like that when she was just a year old. She was just starting to walk and fell with her eye just catching the corner of our base board heater. Left a mark right away. Made me feel like a horrible mom, even though I knew that bumps and bruises are all part of growing up.

mel said...

i remember you telling me about her falling. funny how mom's react, i did feel guilty at first that ppl will think i was neglecting her, but i had 3 other kids with me to watch. so i got over that fast. haha but the mom guilt is the worst. i need to stop that!