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the fort!

 i ended up going back to the fort with aralee and her crew. so fun. the weather was much nicer,  it was hot but we had a cool breeze to keep us from melting in the heat.  the kids ran the fort for 2 hrs. 
 little jo
 we packed a picnic lunch and ate it at the red chairs, after we ate, the kids took off to play again but i kept joey with me so i could chat with aralee and not chase her. ha. 
 just before we left, joey had an EPIC melt down and i mean. melt. down. it was far worse than anything nate or ellie pulled in public.  she was a screaming ban gee.  i totally chalked it up to being hot, thirsty, tired and over stimulated.  once she settled in the van she took a 20 min power nap and woke up happy...i was totally cool during her freak out.  prob cause i know this too will pass...
 aralee dropped her kids off for a swim, slip and slide and more fun...the kids were outside the WHOLE time
 they were so hungry and tired when aralee picked them up
 chris jimmied his tripod sprayer to soak the kids. so fun for them
it was a fantastic friday. not one fight, the kids were exhausted by bedtime. i got to talk to an adult, haha, then finished my book.  yippee for early bedtimes!

and that was a very quick peek into my week!