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nates b-day

 i kept the girl busy wed afternoon making this sign for nate's birthday.  they worked away on it for quite some time..ellie put thought into each sticker
 and joey too...and i think she's a lefty!
 we went to the park.  ellie was helping me look for 4 leaf clovers...but none were to be found
 joey.  messy little joey. into the gravel. that blue tint to her body?  oh, thats just DIRT!  and gravel in her mouth...chris was watching the girls while i hid in my room to spend time with god...and i came down to this....hahaha
 good thing she had a BATH that morning. sigh
 i made nates favorite supper for him, even thou he wasnt there to eat with with us.  ha. i saved him his plate. steak, beans and potatoes. his favorite
 after he came home we had cake
 love their faces
 nate got his gift nana plumps!
 he wa thrilled with it. he's taking it to florida when he goes
 eating his steak dinner. the next day. notice the mount of butter!  sigh
 joey dropped a full bag of crackers on the floor. the whole bag. i didnt yell i just said pick it up
 and she did.  she ate most of them...haha
 nap time!  with pulling her nap, she usually falls asleep while we are out. she takes a 20 min cat nap and shes good to go...i love not having nap time!  i dont have to keep the house quiet, she goes to bed early, im free to plan the day, she sleeps later in the morning (when ellie doesnt wake her) and im free to do more activities with the kids. i love dropping the nap...still not sure how ill juggle school come sept but ill figure it out when i get there


Ursi said...

So proud of Big Nate;). The kids are growing up so fast!
And I just love Joey's dirty face!
You'll have to let me know how you get her clothes clean again. Anytime my kids look anything close to some of Joey's "episodes" their clothes are stained forever.

mel said...

i buy resolve at costco in the huge jug. seriously. most of her clothes come out clean, i take them off right away, scrub and wash. haha honestly by the time the clothes get to her they are "play clothes" quality, shes usually the 3 (or more) in line to wear them....nate on the other hand!!! im gonna go postal on him is he ruins ONE MORE "good" shirt. i just spent the last 3 days trying to get oil out of him new under armor shirt! he destroyed 3 undr armor shirts this summer alone! haha

my neighbor was commenting last night about how amazed she is watching joey play. joey is on her own little world (shes a total air head) and is always dirty. my neighbor said she watched her 3 times last week sit in dirt and throw in over her head. haha and how im good with her and just bath her...over and over....ha ha. dont you just MISS this season of life???? bawahhhhhhhhhhhh